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Daily Joke: Man Just Received His New Hearing Aid

Oyin Balogun
Jan 17, 2021
01:20 P.M.
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Perhaps ignorance is bliss, and curiosity indeed kills the cat as a deaf man flaunts his busted new hearing aids while another man on a coaster ride tries hard to figure out the content of a signpost.


A man called Dave, who had just received his hearing aid, was sitting outside his house trying out his new piece when his next-door neighbor showed up at his fence.

Excited to see Dave, the neighbor asked how the man was, and Dave replied happily, saying he just got his hearing aid, which cost him four thousand dollars.

A doctor holding a hearing aid. | Photo: Getty Images


Commenting on its authenticity, Dave added that his hearing aid was a state of the art because it was perfect for him. Already impressed, the neighbor answered, "Really?"

With a warm smile, he further asked Dave what type of hearing aid it was. In confidence, Dave replied, "Twelve thirty." Hilarious and ironic, right?


Here's another joke which took place when a particular man visited his heavily bandaged friend in the hospital. On noticing his friend's severe injuries, he asked what happened that inflicted the fatal scars on him.

The man explained that he went to a theme park alongside some of his friends and chose to enjoy a lovely ride on a roller coaster and his curiosity got the best of him.


The injured friend explained that as they got to the top of the highest loop, they noticed a sign by the side of the track, and he tried to read it, but the letters were tiny.

Although the injured man couldn't make it out, he became more curious, so he went on another ride on the roller coaster, but the next ride was so fast that he couldn't even see what the sign said.


However, he hit the peak of curiosity about the sign's details and went a third round. This time, he said, when he reached the top, he rose from his car to get a better view.

Now quite interested in the incident's outcome, the injured man's friend asked if he managed to see what the sign said, and the man answered, "Yeah."

The injured man said it read, "Please remain seated at all times." Enjoyed this joke? Here's another interesting joke for you.

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