January 05, 2021

Woman Doesn't Want to Give up Her Cat Because Her Boyfriend Is Allergic

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A woman asked if it was wrong that she prioritized her pet over her relationship. Her boyfriend, she shared, is allergic to one of her cats, but she does not want to give up her furry friend.

The woman shared on Reddit that she has two cats – one she's had since the day it was born, and the other is a new addition she took into her apartment after she separated from her ex.

The Reddit poster explained that the new cat was adopted "to keep the existing one company." She then shared that she has been in a relationship for about six months.

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He stays at her apartment quite often. She said he was fine with the first cat, but he seemed reluctant about the new one. But she kept insisting that it was her apartment, so she adopted the new cat.

He's been sneezing more than usual lately, and her boyfriend blames the new cat. So she tries to help by offering allergy medication and wet wiping the cat with pet wipes that reduce allergens.

A woman cuddling her cat. | Photo: Pexels


But her boyfriend will not take the medication, and he feels it is unfair to ask him to try taking it rather than rehoming the new cat. They had an "escalated argument over the issue" in the morning.

The new cat has only been there a couple of months, but the woman said she's attached to it.

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According to the woman, her boyfriend said that the new cat needed to go because it is killing him. She then told him that she discovered another solution to decrease the allergens.

However, her boyfriend is still insistent she shouldn't have to put so much effort into keeping the new cat; instead, she should just find the cat a new home and swap it for one he won't be allergic to. 

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The new cat has only been there a couple of months, but the woman said she's attached to it and doesn't believe in rehoming it unless it's in a dire and unavoidable situation.

The woman offered to groom the cat, implement an allergen-friendly diet, and buy air filters for all the rooms. She added that she does not believe she is being met halfway.

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At this point, she said that she feels it is manipulative to make her choose between her pet and her boyfriend. She still could not accept that he didn't want to try the solution she came up with.

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