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Man Buys an Expensive Car Instead of Helping with His Brother's Surgery — Here's Why

Pedro Marrero
Jan 10, 2021
07:40 P.M.
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A 27-year-old man recently took to the popular AITA thread on the social network Reddit to ask fellow users whether or not he was wrong about a decision he made involving the health of his chronically ill brother.


As the man opened up in his post, he always took care of his brother while at the same time handling the home chores and having a job. This was something that his parents didn’t approve of since they expect him to focus on his brother.

The man was still in high school when this situation started to affect his classes, and he soon started to fail because he was doing more than he could handle. In addition to it, he shared, his parents didn’t save enough money to send him to college.

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Because of his brother’s health condition, all their money was spent on him. On top of that, according to the man, his parents were ignoring his well-being and they only cooked for his brother.

When the man turned 16 years old, he was diagnosed with diabetes. Instead of sympathizing with him, his parents considered this to be his fault, and this didn’t keep them from expecting him to continue to care for his brother.

At the time, he needed a job more than ever, since nobody else was going to pay for the medication he needed. Things escalated quickly after this, and after failing high school, he was kicked out of his home at age 17.


The man moved with his then-girlfriend, the same woman that he now calls his wife. At age 20, he fathered his first child with her, working extra jobs to support himself and his growing family.


Now a father, the man tried to reconnect with his parents and get them to meet his wife and his child, but they replied by questioning his decision to marry and have a baby, calling him “irresponsible and ignorant,” after which he severed ties with them for good.

Following that sad episode, the man’s luck took a turn for the better, and despite not having a degree, he started to do better in his job and started to make decent money.


With a better financial situation, the man and his wife welcomed a second child. As happy as the man was, he admits that he always thought of his parents disqualifying him as a father when he looked at his children and felt he wasn’t enough.

Then one day, after taking his number from the man’s wife, his father contacted him and insisted that he had to listen, even though the man tried to refuse. The father told him his brother needed surgery and they needed financial help.

The father pushed for the man to meet with him, but he didn’t do it. The father sent people to talk to the man, but the man didn’t meet them. The man finally showed up at his father’s house, but only to tell him that he was not obligated to help.


The man reminded his father that he had his own health condition to deal with, an illness that his parents always failed to acknowledge. He also admitted to having the money, but he was saving it to buy a car he really liked.


As a result, the man’s father and the man’s uncle proceeded to try to make him feel guilty for buying an expensive car instead of helping his brother pay for surgery, and they went as far as shaming him with other relatives on Facebook.


This caused a more troubling discussion with his father, and they ended up yelling at each other. His relationship with his uncle also didn’t end up well, and now the man calls him out as a hypocrite that only made things worse in the family feud.

And the verdict from the hundreds of users that examined the #storyoftheday was mostly in favor of the man telling the story, with 95% of users voting for him and releasing him from any guilt in this matter.