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Here's How Tiny Harris' Youngest Daughter Heiress Reacted to Her Sister Zonnique's Baby Girl

Stephen Thompson
Jan 12, 2021
08:15 P.M.
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T.I.'s wife, Tiny Harris, shared the most hilarious video showing her conversation with her youngest daughter, Heiress Harris, over Zonnique's baby daughter.


Tiny Harris's four-year-old daughter, Heiress Harris, continues to amaze fans on social media with her cuteness and talent, and she continued with that trend in a new video her mother shared on Instagram.

In the video, the adorable Heiress, who recently became an aunt after her big sister, Zonnique, gave birth to a baby girl last month, showed her jealous side as she reacted to her baby niece's sleepover.

Tameka "Tiny" Harris at "The Grand Hustle" exclusive viewing party at The Gathering Spot on July 19, 2018 | Photo: Getty Images


The video began with Heiress pointing to a portable baby crib on the room floor, suggesting her baby niece could sleep there or anywhere she wants.

Tiny countered her daughter's suggestion by saying Zonnique's baby daughter would sleep on the bed and not on the floor. Heiress seemed displeased with her mother's suggestion and went to play with her phone.

When Tiny asked her if she wanted her baby niece to sleep on the floor, the four-year-old said she did not want her niece to sleep in her spot.


The little tot later insisted that her niece could sleep on the floor by Tiny. She also showed her mother places where the baby could sleep, including beside some pile of baby supplies, which she termed as the baby's stuff.

Tiny said she would want her granddaughter to call her Zaza or honey, while T.I. said he would like her to call him Big Dog.

When Tiny still objected, Heiress frowned her face before the clip ended. In the caption to the post, Tiny wondered why her youngest daughter was already jealous on her first day on aunty duties.


She added that Heiress wanted to put her grandchild, who she called her "honey bun," on the floor and wherever but just not in her spot.

The video attracted many fans' reactions, with many of them describing Heiress as an adorable child, while some others made fun of the conversation.


Zonnique shares her baby girl with her boyfriend, Bandhunta Izzy. Since welcoming her daughter, the 24-year-old's parents have kept fans updated on their grandchild's well-being.

A week after Zonnique gave birth, T.I. and Tiny revealed how the baby was doing when they appeared on FOX Soul's "The Mix." They also revealed they did not want to be called grandma and grandpa.


Tiny said she would want her granddaughter to call her Zaza or honey, while T.I. said he would like her to call him Big Dog. He is one excited grandfather.

The rapper is completely in love with his granddaughter and stated that fact when he shared a cute snap that showed him rocking her to sleep, dubbing himself "Big Papa Tip."


Meanwhile, Zonnique is yet to share a picture of her baby's face nor reveal her name. However, she gave her fans a clue of what her daughter looks like when she shared a throwback picture that showed her and Heiress when the latter was a baby.

In her post's caption, Zonnique hinted that her daughter looks like her baby sister. Though her fans continue to wait for her daughter's first picture, they would be glad to know that she is just as cute as Heiress.