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Woman Picks Her Dog over Her Pregnant Sister — Here's Why

Olowokandi Fiyin
Jan 13, 2021
06:30 P.M.
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A woman who chose to keep her dog and chase her pregnant sister away from her house believes she did the right thing. Here is the story behind her controversial decision.


The saying “dogs are man’s best friend” is usually used to describe the loyalty and bond between a canine and its human owner. However, for some, their dogs are literally family, maybe even more than their actual blood relatives.

32-year-old Laura was the proud mother of a 2-year-old half-husky she loved with her life. Sometime last year, her sister, Jennifer, 28 years old, got kicked out of her boyfriend’s house. She met him during a visit to see her sister.

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Laura decided to take her sister in, given that she had nowhere to go. To both their surprise, some months later, Jennifer found out she was pregnant. More than ever, she had to settle in her sister’s place.

She worked in the tourism industry, which was affected by the pandemic, and no one wanted to hire a pregnant woman. Laura decided that she had no choice but to put up with her sister for longer.


One fateful day, Jennifer became irritable around the house and began complaining about Laura’s dog. She made mean comments about how it won’t be cool to raise her kid around a dog. She called the pet a “wild animal.”

Ignoring her sister’s vile remarks, Laura made it clear to Jennifer that if she wanted to remain in her house, she had no choice but to stop complaining about the dog. If she couldn’t put up with the pet, she was welcome to leave.


Laura’s instruction didn’t stop Jennifer from complaining, but her mind was set, and the dog was going to stay regardless of whether her sister was comfortable or not. A month ago, Laura needed to travel away from home due to work.

When she returned home, she was surprised to find that her dog was nowhere to be found. She checked around the house for her beloved pet before confronting Jennifer about the whereabouts of the canine.


She insisted that she had no idea where the dog went, but Laura didn’t believe what she said. They got into a huge fight, with Laura accusing Jennifer that she knew something about the missing dog.

After much back and forth, Laura stormed out of the house and went to speak to her neighbors if they had seen her dog. One informed her that she saw Jennifer taking the pet somewhere some days ago.


Luckily for Laura, Jennifer is too broke and uses her Uber account for whatever journey she makes. She was able to find where her sister took the dog and traced it to be on the other side of the city.

Upon getting there, she found her beloved dog tied to the fence of a restaurant. Laura was furious but was able to speak to the owner and paid him $1,000 to release her dog. Once she got home, she unleashed fury on Jennifer.


She yelled at her and kicked her out angrily. She threw Jennifer money enough for a week in a hotel through the taxi window and warned her never to return to her house. Now, Jennifer’s banishment caused an uproar when other family members heard of it.

Laura’s family and friends are shaming her for being so heartless and picking a dog over her sister, making her feel conflicted about it. If it was you, would you also kick your sister out? If you enjoyed it, click here to read a similar story.