Daily Joke: Three Lawyers and Three Engineers Are Traveling by Train to a Conference

Knowledge will always be power as three curious lawyers try to learn the antics of three intelligent engineers who are a large step ahead of them.

On a fateful day, three lawyers purchased three train tickets while three engineers bought just one. On knowing this, the lawyers laughed at the engineers.

The lawyers wondered how the three engineers would travel by train, using just a ticket. The engineers responded, saying the lawyers would see.

People seated side by side in a subway train. | Photo: Getty Images

People seated side by side in a subway train. | Photo: Getty Images

After they all boarded the train, the three lawyers all took their seats comfortably while the engineers went into the bathroom waiting for the train to leave.

As the train started its journey, the conductor began going around the train, collecting people's tickets for assurance of payment by each person.

Train conductor checking passengers for tickets. | Photo: Getty Images

Train conductor checking passengers for tickets. | Photo: Getty Images

The conductor got to the bathroom and knocked on the door, asking for the engineers' tickets. The door opened a bit, and a hand gave out a ticket. On collecting the ticket, the conductor moved on to the next person, believing it was payment for one person instead of three persons.

On realizing the trick, the lawyers believed the engineers' move was intelligent and decided to give it a try on their way back from the conference.

However, after the conference, while the lawyers were getting ready to buy one ticket, they noticed the three engineers weren't buying any and asked how they planned on traveling without any tickets.

In confidence, the engineers replied again, "you'll see." Looking forward to their act together, the lawyers cram into a bathroom while the engineers also moved into the one nearby.

Not long after the train left, one of the engineers came out of the bathroom and went to the three lawyers' bathroom, knocking. The engineer asked the conductor's usual question, "Tickets, please?"

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Source: Reddit.

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