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Here's What 'Sex and the City' Author Said about the Reboot without Kim Cattrall as Samantha

Busayo Ogunjimi
Jan 16, 2021
12:20 A.M.
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"Sex and the City" author Candace Bushnell said that the spinoff of the show would do well irrespective of ex-cast member Kim Cattrall's absence.


"Sex and the City" author Candace Bushnell, in a recent interview with PageSix, spoke about the appearance of actress Kim Cattrall who played Samantha in the series. Bushnell said the smash-hit TV series would do fine without Cattrall.

Cattrall will not be starring in the TV series spinoff. The news came as a surprise to fans, given that the actress starred in the six seasons of the HBO franchise and its movie adaptations.


Fans and critics have voiced their skepticism about the success of the TV series' reboot without Cattrall's lovable character Samantha. However, Bushnell has responded to the fear of Cattrall leaving the franchise by reassuring fans the show will be a success.

The 62-year-old author, whose life the TV series was based on, added that the fear was unwarranted. Also, she mentioned that the show's reboot would be worked on by award-winning writers who will bring fresh ideas to compensate for Cattrall's absence.


Despite Cattrall's absence, the three other show leads, Sarah Jessica Parker as Carrie Bradshaw, Cynthia Nixon as Miranda Hobbs, and Kristin Davis as Charlotte York, will be available the revamp of the hit TV series.

Noth revealed that he did not like the "Sex and the city" movie as much as he did the series.

Kim Cattrall at the 36th Deauville American Film Festival on 10th September, 2010 | Photo: Getty Images


Cattrall had previously revealed that she did not want to return for the reboot of "Sex and the City." In a recent interview, the actress said she felt fortunate not to be part of the new project.

The 64-year-old also said that she encountered some backlash after making her intention clear. She added that she felt fortunate to have a choice and that she was going to use her voice for another cause.


Parker also gave her two cents about Cattrall's absence in the TV show's revival. The 55-year-old actress agreed with a fan on Instagram that actress Cattrall and her character in the hit TV series would be missed.

In response to the feud between her and Cattrall, Parker said she did not hate the actress. She said that despite Cattrall's absence from the reboot, she is still very much a part of the "Sex and the City" family.


When asked about the possible return of Chris Noth to the TV show, Parker failed to give a direct answer. It is rumored that the Mr. Big character died in the third movie script, which was scrapped after Cattrall decided not to return to the HBO franchise.

Noth revealed that he did not like the "Sex and The City" movie as much as he did the series. However, he wasn't happy that the third movie was scrapped. Despite the controversies surrounding the hit series, fans are eager to see their favorite show and characters on the big screen.