Daily Joke: There Are 500 Bricks on a Plane

A group of elite scientists and inventors were invited to attend a conference at a college. Many students bombarded them with questions about science and life, but Johnny wanted to test them in a different way. 

The conference hall of Hogwarts University fell silent as Nikola Tesla, Albert Einstein, Alexander Graham Bell, and Issac Newton made their way to the conference hall and took their seats. 

Claps echoed through the hall as the organizer introduced the brainiacs to the students. After a series of speeches and presentations, the students were given an opportunity to pose questions to the honorable guests. 

The students took turns to ask their questions as Johnny looked on from the corner of the last row. "These people are going to bore me to death," he thought before letting out a gasp. 

"I have a few questions to ask," he said rather loudly with a raised hand. The host stared at him with an expression that screamed murder. "What is it, Johnny?" he said through clenched teeth. He was surely up to no good. 

"I would like to ask a few questions to these fine sirs, if you allow me," Johnny graciously said. After getting a green signal from the host, he looked at the guests and smiled. 

"There are 500 bricks on a plane and one falls off. How many bricks are left now?"

Einstein let out a snorty laugh as the other guests gave Johnny a puzzled look. "499," Tesla answered. 

"What are three simple steps to put an elephant inside a fridge?" Johnny asked. 

"Open the fridge, put the elephant in, and close the door," Newton said rather lazily. 

"Now, how do you put a giraffe in a fridge?"

"Open the fridge, let the elephant out, put the giraffe in, close it," Einstein answered as he gave the others an incredulous look. 

A portrait of Albert Einstein. | Source: Pixabay/ParentRap

A portrait of Albert Einstein. | Source: Pixabay/ParentRap

"Correct," Jonny clicked his fingers. "It's the lion's birthday, and everyone in the jungle receives an invitation. Every animal shows up, except for one..."

"It's the giraffe," Bell answered matter-of-factly. 

"Dora is an explorer. She is walking through the jungle. Suddenly, she comes by a river that was the home to a hundred alligators. There was no bridge, but she swam across, but none of them attacked her. How?"

"All the alligators are at the lion's birthday party," Einstein said. 

"But she dies anyway. Why?" Johnny asked. 

All the men looked at each other. None of them had an answer to that. 

"She is hit in the head by a brick."

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