January 18, 2021

Daily Joke: Albert Einstein Goes to a Conference with His Driver

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One day, Einstein had to speak at an important science conference, but he was sick of being a guest speaker. After listening to his complaints, his driver came up with a brilliant solution to put him out of his misery. 

Albert Einstein's day did not start on a positive note. He spent the morning fighting with his wife Elsa, who wanted him to be home right at 7 pm for a nice, romantic candlelight dinner. 

Of course, he could not be home at 7 pm that night — he had a lot to do. And Elsa knew it. He tried telling her that he would not make it, but she started crying and went batshit.

A portrait of Albert Einstein. | Source: Pixabay/ParentRap


After listening to his wife's rants about what a terrible husband he was, he slammed the door in her face and stomped out of the house. The first event on his schedule was this conference he was supposed to speak at. 

The event would start at noon, and Einstein had a good hour before he needed to get to the venue. He got into his car and asked the driver to take him to a nearby restaurant for breakfast. 


The bacon and cheese sandwich did not sit well on his stomach. Now, he was bloated on top of being angry. On the way to the venue, he started whining about his wife while his driver listened. 

"Women, I tell you!" Einstein grumbled. "Can they be reasonable at least once a day? Forget once a day, I'd be happy if they were reasonable one day a week!"


"Now I have this stupid conference to attend, and I'm bloated because my evil wife would not let me have my breakfast in peace! I'm sick of all this!" he roared. 

The hall went silent as everyone held their breath.


"I'm sick of these conferences too, you know," he told his driver. "It's always the same thing over and over and over again."

"You're right, sir," the driver said. "I have attended all of them as your driver, and by now, I have memorized everything even though I don't understand science. If you allow me, I can give the speech in your place."


Einstein thought it was a brilliant idea. After all, no one there knew how he looked like. "Let's do that!" he excitedly said. 

After switching clothes, Einstein and the driver went inside. Einstein made himself comfortable in one of the seats while the driver headed towards the stage.


The driver delivered the usual speech. After he was done, claps echoed through the hall. Einstein was proud of him. Suddenly, one of the scientists stood up and asked him a tough question in an attempt to look smart.

The hall went silent as everyone held their breath. A moment later, the driver looked the scientist dead in the eye and said, "Sir, your question is so easy, I'm going to let my driver answer it on my behalf."

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