Car Stealer Returns Vehicle to Bring Back 4-Year-Old Boy That Was Inside

A thief who stole a car in Oregon has gone viral for returning a 4-year-old boy who was left inside the vehicle by his mother, Crystal Leary. He threatened to call the police on her before driving off with the car.

For an Oregon mother, Crystal Leary, the impossible and possible happened all at once on Saturday, January 16, when her car was stolen at a meat market in Beaverton with her four-year-old son in the vehicle.

On that fateful day, Leary had stepped out of her 2013 silver Honda Pilot vehicle at the market, leaving her son in to get some things quickly. The engine was left on, as she could imagine that anything would go wrong.

Unfortunately, the worse happened when Leary noticed that a man entered her vehicle and drove it away. Her world was crumbling when the perpetrator returned with the vehicle to give her back her son.

The thief reportedly yelled at the terrified mother for being negligent, ordered her to take her son from the vehicle, and threatened to call the police on her for being careless before entering the car to drive off. 

According to Beaverton Police Spokesman Matt Henderson, the bandit's kind gesture was nothing but a miracle as it could have gone sideways. An emotional Leary spoke about the shocking experience in an interview, saying:

"I am thankful that he is okay. It was so stupid, and I'll never do that again, but it's that split second decision that can just change everything."

Henderson encouraged mothers worldwide to take Leary's story to heart and be more vigilant with their kids, taking nothing for granted. According to reports, the thief was described as a white male with long, dark brown braided hair.

He reportedly wore a multi-colored facemask to commit the crime. Per reports, authorities found the vehicle in Portland, 8 miles from Beaverton, a few hours after the incident, but the bandit was nowhere to be found. 

A similar story talks about an Alabama 4-year-old girl who was miraculously found alive in the woods with her pet dog two days after missing back in March.

It happened that little Evelyn Sides wandered off from her home with her dog to the woods near Loachapoka, Alabama. After it was discovered that Sides went missing, her family called the authorities.

They disclosed that she was under the watch of a caretaker while walking the pet before she disappeared. Luckily, after two nights of searching, Sides was found unscathed with her dog by her side.

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