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Daily Joke: A Police Officer Stopped a Juggler on the Way to His Next Performance

Rebelander Basilan
Jan 23, 2021
10:50 P.M.
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A juggler was driving to his next show when the police stopped him. The officer asked what in the world were matches and lighter fluid doing in his car.


He told the police officer that he is a juggler and juggles flames as part of his act. However, the cop was not convinced and demanded to see him do it.

So the juggler got out of the car and began juggling the flaming torches— a couple driving by watched in disbelief. The driver told his wife: "I'm glad I stopped drinking. Look at the test they're giving now!"

A man doing fire breath. | Photo: Pexels



A funny story really brightens one's day. If you laughed out loud at that joke, check out this story about a driver who was stopped by a young police officer.

A young policeman pulled over a 45-year-old driver one sunny afternoon. Confused, the driver asked the officer what he was doing wrong, and the policeman replied he was speeding.

A man inside the vehicle. | Photo: Pexels


The policeman then asked the driver to hand over his license for inspection. However, the driver told him that, although he'd like to, he doesn't have one.

The policeman did not seem convinced, so the driver explained that he lost his license four times for drunk driving. The cop was shocked and asked the driver for the vehicle registration papers.

The driver did not have anything to show the policeman. When the officer asked why he couldn't show his vehicle's registration papers, he said the car was stolen and didn't have the documentation.

Car driving on the country road. | Photo: Pexels


The cop's mouth dropped, and his brown eyes widen. "You stole it?" he asked the driver. In response, he nodded and told the policeman that he looked after the owner.

The policeman became annoyed when the driver insisted that she was inside the boot, even urging him to see her. He looked at the driver and slowly backed away from his vehicle as he called for backup.


Five police cars immediately arrived on the scene and surrounded the car, and as one of the officers approached the vehicle with his gun half-drawn, the driver was told to get out.

The driver then got out of his vehicle and asked the policeman if there was trouble. The officer replied that he had stolen the car and murdered the owner. "Murdered the owner?" asked the driver.


He nodded and told the driver to open the trunk of his car. However, when the driver opened the trunk of the car, he found nothing. The officer then asked the driver if he was the owner of the car.

The driver explained that he owned the vehicle and handed over the registration papers to satisfy the policeman. This caught the officer by surprise.


The officer said one of his officers said he did not have a driving license, so the driver pulled out his wallet and handed it to the officer. The policeman then examined the license.

He told the driver that one of his officers told him he did not have a license, stole the car, and the owner was murdered, to which the driver replied that maybe the cop told him he was speeding, too.

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