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Daily Joke: A Speeding Car Was Stopped by the Police

Rebelander Basilan
Oct 11, 2020
12:30 P.M.
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One sunny afternoon, a 45-year-old driver was pulled over by a young police officer. Confused, the driver asked the officer what the problem was.


"Sir, you were speeding. Can I see your license please?" the police officer asked. The driver replied that as much as he wanted to hand his license to the officer for inspection, he, unfortunately, does not have one.

The policeman was not convinced, so the driver explained that he had lost his license four times for drink driving. Shocked, the policeman requested for vehicle registration papers from the driver.

A man inside the vehicle. | Photo: Pexels

A man inside the vehicle. | Photo: Pexels


But, again, the driver could now show any document to the officer. When the police officer asked why he could not show his vehicle's registration papers, the driver told him that he only stole the car, so he did not have the documents.

The police officer's mouth dropped, and his brown eyes widened. "You stole it?" he asked the driver, who nodded in response. The driver also told the policeman that he took care of the owner.

Car driving on the country road. | Photo: Pexels

Car driving on the country road. | Photo: Pexels


At this point, the police officer was getting irate, especially when the driver said that the owner was in the boot and even urged him to see her. The policeman looked at the driver and slowly backed away from his vehicle as he called for backup.

Five police cars immediately arrived at the scene and surrounded the car. Clasping his half-drawn gun, one of the officers slowly approached the vehicle and told the driver to step out of his car.


The driver then stepped out of his vehicle and asked the policeman if there was a problem. The officer replied that one of his officers reported he had stolen the car and murdered the owner. "Murdered the owner?" the driver asked.

The police nodded and told the driver to open the boot of his car. However, when the driver opened the boot, they saw nothing there. The officer then asked if he was the owner of the car.


The driver replied that the vehicle belonged to him, and in order to convince the policeman, he handed over the registration papers. Naturally, the policeman was surprised.

He told the driver that one of his officers claimed he does not have a driving license. So the driver dug in his pocket, revealing a wallet and handed it to the officer. The policeman opened the wallet and examined the license.


Puzzled, he told the driver that one of his officers claimed he does not have a license, that he stole the car, and killed the owner. To which the driver replied that maybe the lying police officer also told him he was speeding.

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