January 26, 2021

Ray Allen's Son Wystan Is the Spitting Image of His Dad as He Smiles in New Family Photos

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Retired NBA player Ray Allen's son, Wystan, recently celebrated his ninth birthday and received a heartwarming tribute from his mom, Shannon, who shared a series of family photos in his honor.

Time is moving fast for the former NBA player, Ray Allen, whose last-born son, Wynstan, is growing so fast and just celebrated his ninth birthday on January 25.

Ray's wife, Shannon Allen, marked the special day with a sweet post on her Instagram page. The post featured a series of photos of the couple's kids enjoying a day out on the beach.

Ray Allen warming up before a Miami Heat game against the Boston Celtics at TD Garden on March 18, 2013 in Boston, Massachusetts. |Source: Getty Images


In one pic, Wynstan was pictured standing on a white beach with the blue water behind him, creating a stunning photo. The adorable boy sported a sweet smile with his head cocked to one side while the wind blew through his dirty blond curly hair.

The other photos showed the nine-year-old interacting with his siblings, one who looked almost like his twin and his elder sister, Tierra, Ray's daughter with Rosalind Ramsey.


The last photo showed Wynstan and his brother hugging as they posed for a photo on the clear beach sands. The brothers, who looked like two peas in a pod, were the spitting image of their talented father.

Fans took to the comments section to applaud Shannon on her beautiful growing son. They all joined in wishing him an amazing birthday on the post.


Last year, on Wynston's eighth birthday, Ray was emotional as he realized how fast his son was growing. In a heartfelt birthday tribute, the athlete urged fellow parents to treasure every moment of the kid's childhood. He wrote:

"No matter how old your children get, you still remember them when they were in diapers...Don't rush to grow your children up because you never get these years back."


As a father of five children, Ray has experienced their growth through different phases. Aside from Tierra and Wynstan, the Basketball Hall of Fame player shares three more kids with his wife, all boys.

Ray and Shannon are the parents of Walter Ray III, Walker, and Wynn, who all have a striking resemblance to the star. The couple has raised them through Ray's demanding basketball career and nerve-racking health scares.


Raising the brood has been made smooth by the matriarch on the house, Shannon, a devoted wife and mother. Between taking care of Ray's needs and their diabetic son, the actress became a nutrition expert.

Shannon poured her knowledge into a book called "The Pregame Meal," which led her to produce and co-host a TV segment by the same name. The show aired for a year and a half on CNS in Boston.