Jessie James Decker's Son Forrest Wears Nebulizer for Asthma after Having Breathing Issues

Jessie James Decker shared a photo of her youngest son, Forrest, wearing a nebulizer for asthma after breathing problems. 

Country singer Jessie James Decker shared a heartbreaking photo of her youngest child, Forrest, wearing a nebulizer after having breathing issues. 

She shared the situation of her son's breathing problems, what symptoms he had been experiencing,  and the treatment he was given on her Instagram.

Jessie James decker and her husband, Eric Decker pictured attending the CMT Music Awards, 2014, Tennessee. | Photo: Getty Images.

Jessie James decker and her husband, Eric Decker pictured attending the CMT Music Awards, 2014, Tennessee. | Photo: Getty Images.

Decker shared a photo of her adorable son, Forrest, in his Spiderman pajamas. In the caption, she explained that he had been diagnosed with asthma after going to the doctor for breathing issues. 

She wrote that it broke her heart to hear him in pain and saying that his chest hurt. She shared that they had been to the three times in the last six weeks to figure out what was wrong. She shared what he was experiencing:

"Every time he gets a tiny cold he starts wheezing and his oxygen levels drop and heart rate goes up."  

She wrote that it was scary to watch his vitals change and hear him grunting while he tried to breathe properly. She had taken him to the hospital after he had been throwing up from all the coughing. 

The doctors had given him stronger medications and treatments, including the nebulizer. She wrote that it was so confusing to be a parent in this situation and not know what was happening or what to do. 

She shared that her two oldest kids butt heads.

She thanked her sister, who she described as "the go-to nurse," as she dealt with similar issues as her child was born premature and with lung issues. 

Decker went on to ask her community of mommy helpers if anyone had experienced a similar issue or could offer any advice on the situation. She wrote in the caption:

"I just want to know from this post if any other parents have experienced this? Other than an allergist and a specialist did this go away for your babies?"

Hopefully, she and little Forrest will get answers soon. Unfortunately, this is not Forrest's first health scare. The tiny tot had developed an infection after getting a bug bite in June last year.

Decker shared on her Instagram that he had to be sedated so that doctors could cut into the badly infected bug bite and clean it. Along with that, he had a round of antibiotics that cleared up the infection. 

Forrest is the youngest of Jessie and Eric Decker's brood. They have their eldest daughter, Vivian, and then the middle child is Eric. She revealed the two have been arguing during the quarantine. 

She shared that her two oldest kids butt heads, but usually, one wants to play a game, and the other does not. The family has been able to spend more time together during the pandemic

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