Music Teacher Loses 128 Lbs and Shares His Story to Inspire People

In New York, a music teacher, Joseph Marro, opens up about his weight loss journey and what inspired him to lose 128 pounds in less than two years.

People lose weight for different reasons. Some do it because of health issues, while some help boost their self-esteem. For music teacher, Joseph Marro did it for both reasons and to help inspire others.

Marro took to his Instagram account to share his weight loss journey and the ups and downs he faced. He expressed that although the journey was tough, he was happy about the results.

A man on a scale checking out his weight | Photo: Pixabay

A man on a scale checking out his weight | Photo: Pixabay

In 2017, the music lover started his weight loss journey weighing 295 pounds, and over the years, his weight fluctuated until he decided to make 2020 his healthiest year.

Before 2020, Marro lost about 55 pounds and began 2020 at 245 pounds. Due to the various programs he was in, his weight fluctuated till he found the right plan. Speaking of his health now, he said:

"I am the healthiest that I have been probably throughout my whole life and lost a total of 128 pounds."

Marro gave the back story. He admitted that he was at risk of prediabetes at some point in his life while battling thyroid issues. Despite being in his thirties, he found out that he had the metabolism of a 60-year-old, and he feared he was not going to live long.

She could only lose 44 pounds after she slipped up on her plans.

With all the daunting challenges he faced, Marro has changed his lifestyle and is now the happiest and healthiest he has ever been.

He also added that he would not have been able to make progress had it not been for the support from friends and family. He continued by saying:

"I share my story in hopes to help inspire people improve the areas of their life that they feel that they need to."

Marro concluded by saying that if there was a will, there would always be a way, and no matter what the dream and goals are, especially with weight loss, they are achievable with the right amount of dedication.

Just like Marro, Jasmine Parent, and Jeremy Crawley are proof that one can make healthy life choices and see achievable results. The pair, who are parents to two kids, decided to change their lifestyle and lose more than 200 pounds together.

While there are success stories, there are also some saddening ones, such as Michelle Marescott, who weighed 592 pounds and was looking to lose 60 pounds for her surgery. She could only lose 44 pounds after she slipped up on her plans.

Ultimately, while it took rigorous effort like giving up on some things, with the right amount of dedication, it is possible to revamp one's life and be the best version, just like Marro.

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