Daily Joke: Two Hunters Come across a Deep Hole While Walking through the Woods

One day, two hunters set out on a hunting trip. As they were walking through the thick woods, one of them noticed a large hole. They decided to see how deep it was. 

Kevin and Ryan were walking through the thick woods. It had been a while since they had gone hunting, and the day was more than perfect. 

As they made their way through the tall pine trees, Ryan suddenly stopped. "Whoa, look at this," he gestured towards a large hole in the ground. 

Lush forest. | Source: Pexels/Pixabay

Lush forest. | Source: Pexels/Pixabay

The men squatted down to see how deep the hole was. "I cannot see the bottom, man," Kevin squinted his brown eyes while tilting his head. 

"I know right," said Ryan. "I wonder who came all the way here to dig up this crazy deep hole and why they would waste so much of their life doing it..."

After trying to figure out how deep the hole was, the men decided to take a break. Kevin was paranoid that he would fall into the hole, so he maintained a good distance.

Ryan could not care less. He dangled his feet above it while digging in his bag to look for the ham sandwich his boyfriend packed for him that morning. 

Ryan's feet swayed as he enjoyed his sandwich while Kevin munched on his Snickers bar. Suddenly, one of his shoes fell into the hole. 

"Told you not to go near it," Kevin chuckled as Ryan cursed at the hole. 

"I could not even hear it hit bottom. How deep is this hole anyway?" Ryan said as he looked for something to throw inside. He found a rusty anvil nearby and threw it down the hole. 

The men could not hear the anvil hit the bottom, but they did hear speeding hooves behind them. A goat flew past them and jumped right into the hole. 

A few seconds later, they heard a farmer calling out for his goat. "Mr. Chops! Mr. Chops!"

The farmer saw Kevin and Ryan. "Have you seen my goat Mr. Chops?" he asked. 

"Yes, he ran right past us at like 100 miles an hour and jumped into this hole," Ryan said. 

"That's impossible," the farmer said. "I had her chained to an anvil!"

Source: Reddit

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