Husband Is Mad at His Wife for Accidentally Exposing His Lie in Front of His Boss

Steve and Emma, his wife of seven years, are currently on bad terms after she mistakenly exposed a lie her husband previously told to get off work at his office.

Steve, a consultant at a law firm, is what many would call lazy. He is negligent in his duties, refuses to take in corrections or suggestions, and would most often show up to work late.

At home, Steve is not any different; irritable, intolerant, and mostly in a foul mood. Despite these flaws, Emma loves her husband dearly and shows him genuine affection in the best ways she knows.

A photo of a couple talking in the kitchen. | Photo: Getty Images

A photo of a couple talking in the kitchen. | Photo: Getty Images

In the five years that Steve has worked at his current job, he has constantly lied to his bosses in a bid to get some time off work. This always worked until it didn't anymore.

At about 11 am on a Thursday, Steve walks up to his boss, complaining of stomach discomfort. He says he has to visit the hospital to get checked and leaves the office.

But this is only one of Steve's numerous lies. Instead of going to the hospital, he heads home to play some video games and binge-watches his favorite television show.

By evening, Emma returns from work. She works as a florist and owns a flower shop that is successful in its own right. On regular days, she gets home before Steve, so she is surprised to see her husband lounging on the couch.

Emma asks her husband what he is doing home early, and once again, Steve lies to his wife, saying his boss said they could all work from home for a few days. 

After settling in, Emma prepares to start making dinner and cooks them a nice meal. The couple eats together, and for the first time in a long time, Steve doesn't act out. 

In the days that follow, the couple enjoys each other's company, and Emma truly believes her husband is a changed man. Their marriage was finally looking blissful.

On Sunday, Steve agrees to go grocery shopping with his wife. They arrive at the store, grab a few things and make their way back to the car.

While loading the supplies into the car, Steve heard a voice calling out to him. He turns back and sees his boss waving and walking towards him and Emma.

Getting to the couple, he asks Steve if he feels better. However, before he could reply, Emma responds, saying her husband was okay and they spent plenty of time together in the past few days.

Emma also thanked him for allowing her husband to work from home and joked that he saved their marriage. This was all too confusing for Steve's boss.

Taking a cue from what Emma said, Steve's boss realizes he was lied to and goes back to his car. A nervous Steve starts yelling at his wife, telling her she should have kept quiet.

Though Emma admits she was a tad too excited, she does not think her husband is right to blame her. After all, he was the one that lied to his boss.

However, Steve refuses to understand why Emma did not allow him to answer the questions and believes the messy situation could have been avoided altogether.

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