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Mom Spends 20 Hours Freeing Her Daughter's Hair from a Toy and Describes the Nightmare

Joe Akins
Feb 07, 2021
12:40 P.M.
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A woman on Facebook detailed her worst experience as a mother after spending 20 hours freeing her daughter's hair of multiple sticky toys that stuck to it.


A Facebook user, Lisa Tschirlig Hoelzle, shares many good stories with her friends on her page, but she also shared what she described as her worst mom nightmare to date.

Her twins, Abigail and Noah, were playing in the basement when the latter came running to her. He told her his twin sister had something stuck in her hair. Noah was still describing the situation to his mother when Abigail came running up.

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When Hoelzle saw her daughter, she had an out-of-body experience. She figured that Noah, being a trickster, poured a container of "Bunchems," a sticky toy for young kids, on his twin sister's hair.

Hoelzle googled about the toys and discovered many people had experienced what her daughter was experiencing. She noted that the toy was still in the market with a small warning label that stated it could get stuck in hair despite these experiences.

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She revealed her daughter had about 150 of the sticky toys layered and matted in her hair. She and her brother made it worse by trying to remove it themselves. After three hours of trying to remove the toys, Hoelzle could only remove 15 of them.

When her husband, Dan, got home, he researched more about Bunchems and discovered the severity of the situation. When she tried to use the manufacturer's trick to remove the sticky toys, it only made things worse and messy.

Hoelzle also said her household would never forget the traumatic experience...


Dan managed to get ten more toys off Abigail's hair. Then, it was 1 am, and the little girl could not keep her eyes open. Hoelzle had to sleep with her daughter's head on her to avoid them from tangling further.

The next morning, she went to the store and got everything she could think of and mineral oil, which her mother's friend suggested. She also bought a good detangling comb and set out on her mission.

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While trying to get the toys out, she shed many tears. Abigail consoled her mother while she cried, while Noah felt awful for pouring the toys on his sister's hair in the first place.

Hoelzle noted that her daughter was surprisingly amazing about the situation as she is the type of girl who acts like one is killing her while brushing her hair.

When the little tot began to whine about things, Hoelzle's mom brought in a lollipop and stuck it in her granddaughter's mouth. It was a long day, but after 20 hours, they managed to get all the Bunchems out.

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They spent another hour in the bathtub conditioning and combing out the knots in Abigail's hair. Hoelzle was grateful that they were able to save her daughter's hair. She said the hair is thinner but did not get as damaged and ruined as she thought it would.

She expressed disbelief that they went through such a situation and got through it. In the concluding part of her post, she urged parents to trash their Bunchems if they have them or use a shower cap for kids while playing with them.

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Hoelzle also said her household would never forget the traumatic experience and hoped her story would help another family not go through such an experience.

Apparently, many parents have experienced Hoelzle's situation and have been angered by Bunchems, describing it as a hair-razing toy. Hopefully, the toy manufacturers will make modifications to it soon.