Husband Dines Separately from His Wife and Son after She Implemented a New Rule

Laura Beatham
Feb 13, 2021
09:40 P.M.
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A husband decides to dine separately from his wife and son after she implemented a new household rule after he wanted his son to do all the chores.


A husband chose to dine separately from his wife and their 13-year-old son and eat take-out after implementing a new household rule.

The couple's son loves to cook, and when he is experimenting with his own meals, he will always clean up after himself and do all of his dishes.

A husband decided to dine separately after a new rule was implemented. | Photo: Shutterstock

A husband decided to dine separately after a new rule was implemented. | Photo: Shutterstock


His mom was loving his newfound interest in cooking and encouraged him to cook for the whole family. So he started cooking twice a week for his family.

His father had insisted that his son clean up the dishes after he was cooking. However, his mom was usually the one who ended up cleaning, but she did not mind.


The father was upset that his wife was cleaning up after their son and so he sat her down and told her she must not clean up after him and that it was their son's responsibility.

The wife agreed that it was necessary for single-person meals that their son clean up after himself, but it was not fair when he was making the large group meal for the family.


She questioned him and asked him why it was so important that their son does chores, but neither she nor the father had to do chores.

This made the father angry, and he said that it was to show their son how hard life really was. His wife told him to leave it alone because she felt her son was contributing enough to the household by cooking.


She then came up with a new rule, which was "you have to be a part of dinner to eat it." So if you helped cook or clean, you were allowed to eat the dinner for that night.

Of course, her husband, who never contributed to the dinners, was upset. She told him it was time for him to pick up a pair of rubber gloves and help with the cleaning.

Her husband then stormed off and went to eat dinner alone at a local take away spot. The wife and their son then enjoyed a lovely and tasty home-cooked meal.

The mother and son did not mind if the father was not there because it was up to him to contribute to dinner, and he did not. Plus, this way, they got to spend time bonding together! Read another story here.

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