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Daily Joke: A Bank Manager Was in the Process of Hiring a Cashier

Lois Oladejo
Feb 09, 2021
06:30 P.M.
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A bank manager was about hiring a cashier and two final candidates for the job, who made it to the final stage of the hiring process, came for their interviews.


Hiring new staff for one's company needs to be done thoroughly to ensure that only the right applicants are picked. Hence, it is important that those in charge of the hiring process do it diligently and not rush to early conclusions.

In today's joke, a bank manager found this out the hard way while trying to hire a new cashier for the office. He had reached the last stage of the hiring process and was left with two candidates.

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Two applicants made it to the last stage. The first one was from a small college in upstate New York. He was a nice man, but the bank manager thought him to be timid.

Hence, he called for the second applicant, a man named Jim Johnson. Johnson, a burly young man. Looked confident as he walked into the bank manager's office.

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Sensing such confidence, the bank manager desired to hire him because he believed he could handle any situation. Turning to the first candidate, he told him to leave, that the bank would let him know.

When the first candidate left, the bank manager told Johnson he was impressed with how he carried himself as that was an essential asset for a cashier's role.

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However, the bank manager told Johnson that he needed him to be precise because he noticed he did not fill in the location of his formal education on his application form.

The bank manager's words seemed to confuse Johnson, so he asked him plainly, "Where did you get your financial education?" Johnson replied, "Oh, Yale."

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The bank manager was even more impressed on hearing this and told Johnson that he was hired. He asked the new employee what he would like to be called now that he was a bank staff. Jim thought for a while and said to the bank manager,

"I don't care. Yim, or Mr. Yonson."

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