Man Refuses to Pay for His Daughter's Wedding — Here's Why

A loving father dislikes the man his daughter is getting married to and decided not to pay for her wedding to show his displeasure about their engagement. 

Timothy is a loving father of two beautiful daughters and a handsome son. His older daughter, Marie, got married two years ago, and he happily paid for it. 

Meanwhile, his younger daughter, Elizabeth, has been in a relationship with a man named John for about three years. In that time, Timothy studied his daughter's boyfriend and noticed many traits he did not like. 

A worried man looks out the window in thoughts. | Photo: Getty Images

A worried man looks out the window in thoughts. | Photo: Getty Images

On the one hand, John is a serial cheat and has cheated on Elizabeth multiple times. Each time, he vowed to change and become a better person but always went back to his old ways. 

After being caught, he would apologize to her, and she always forgave him. This baffled Timothy greatly, but he felt she loved him and did not speak about it. 

Besides John's cheating nature, Timothy also disliked that he was a lazy man and did nothing. John claimed to be a freelancer but has been without a gig for many months. 

Elizabeth was the one taking responsibility for their expenses. Despite this, he did not support her by doing things in the house. When Timothy's son, Isaac, went to stay with Elizabeth and John, he came home with various complaints about the latter.

He told his parents how John always left him and his sister to do everything despite doing nothing all day. Timothy and his wife, Ella, felt this was unbearable and that John was not good enough for their daughter. They invited her over for a talk.

However, Elizabeth laughed it off and said that John was working on becoming a better person and that they are working on their relationship. She also told them there was nothing to worry about. 

Despite his daughter's words, Timothy was not convinced and still feared the worst. His worst fears were somewhat confirmed when Elizabeth announced that she and John were engaged. 

This infuriated Timothy so much, and he gnashed his teeth in anger. Seeing that there was nothing he could do to change his daughter's mind about her husband-to-be, he vowed not to pay for her wedding. 

She cried when he told her about his plans and pleaded with Timothy to change his mind. However, her dad refused. Despite his daughter's, wife's, and son's plea, Timothy stood his ground and refused to pay for Elizabeth's wedding. 

Do you think Timothy went too far to show his displeasure with Elizabeth's fiancé? Would you have acted differently if you were in his shoes? What would you have done? 

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