Man Hopes His Parents' Decision to Leave House for His Twin Haunts Them in Death —Here's Why

Gracious Egedegbe
Feb 12, 2021
12:20 P.M.

After his parents willed their house to his lazy twin brother, Peter was angry and gave them a piece of his mind, telling them their decision may just haunt them in death.


Peter is 24 and has a twin brother, Andrew. They are the oldest of five siblings, including two younger brothers, Justin and Wilfred, and a younger sister, Martha.

Peter does his bit to support the family, which endeared him to his parents, who see him as the good son. However, the same cannot be said of his twin brother, Andrew.

A portrait of twin brothers sitting in the living room. | Photo: Getty Images

A portrait of twin brothers sitting in the living room. | Photo: Getty Images

Andrew is lazy and does not work. He is a family burden because he is always taking but never giving back. When asked to get a job, he would feign an illness or look for an excuse not to do so.

This continued for many years, and his family brushed off his attitude, seeing him as part of the family. However, Peter was not pleased and stopped encouraging his twin's annoying behavior.


One day, while discussing with his parents, they let him in on the plans for their will. His parents revealed they willed their house and a huge amount of money to Andrew while the rest of their kids will get an equal amount of every other thing.

This revelation troubled Peter, who protested their decision, saying it would only enable Andrew to continue with his lazy attitude. He explained that his twin needed to learn how to fend for himself and be a man.


However, his parents did not see things from his perspective. They defended their actions even further, infuriating Peter, who shouted at them, telling them he hoped their decision would not haunt them in their graves.

What annoyed him the most was that Martha just finished with her chemotherapy and would need to pay off some medical debts now and in the future. With the amount his parents willed to her, she would still need more money to pay off her medical expenses.

Peter felt that if there was anyone more deserving of what Andrew got from their will, it should be Martha. When his parents still did not reason along with him, he walked away.

Later, they told Justin, who was in the military, about what happened based on their perspective. Justin called Peter and told him that his parents could do whatever they want with their money, and he has no right to tell them what to do.


After his conversation with his younger brother, Peter sat on his chair, ruminating over the matter. He believes he has every right to be frustrated but thinks he should have approached the issue differently.

Do you think Peter is right to feel angry about his parents' will? Do you think his reaction is justified, or should he have calmed down with his words? What would you do if you were in his shoes?

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