Woman Takes a Vacation and Leaves Her Husband with All the House Duties for 4 Days

Gracious Egedegbe
Feb 01, 2021
02:50 P.M.

Here is a story about a woman who left her husband at home with all the house duties for four days after he did not show compassion for her hard work.


Every marriage is faced with its ups and downs. Couples fight about different things, and sometimes a lack of communication can send the wrong message.

Here is the story of a woman, Daisy, who got tired of how her husband was treating her when it came to doing household chores and caring for their five-year-old son.

A photo of a worried woman standing by the windows. | Photo: Shutterstock

A photo of a worried woman standing by the windows. | Photo: Shutterstock

Daisy has been married to her husband for 18 months, but they have been together for some years. They have a five-year-old son whom they love and cherish dearly.

Daisy works from home on a 12-hour shift four days a week while her husband has a job that sees him coming home past midnight and leaves him exhausted such that he sleeps till the next day.


Despite their work schedule being tedious, earlier in their marriage, they found a way to make things work with the husband assisting his wife all the time when it comes to cleaning the house and caring for their son.

Sadly, things took a new turn recently when the husband refused to help his wife and often left her to do everything, from caring for their son to making meals and cleaning the house.

This new attitude frustrated Daisy so much that she had to confront him on this new behavior. Remorseful, the man apologized and promised to turn a new leaf, but surprisingly, things became worse.


The icing on the cake for Daisy came when on one fateful day, she asked her husband to help her with some house chores and he obliged.

However, a few minutes into going about the task, he left and said he had to help his friend, to which he did not return until much later and never finished the job.

This prompted Daisy to think up a plan on how she would deal with him and make him take care of all the house duties for a while.

She called her mother and asked her to take care of her son while she went on a vacation to a cabin she and her husband had, which was about 58 miles from where they lived.

When he returned from work, he found out that both his wife and son were not home and started looking for them in a state of panic. He called Daisy's phone, and during their conversation, she told him what she had done.


The man was displeased with her actions and got angry, calling her a selfish and uncaring person who did not care to know if he was truly exhausted from work or not.

With the turn of events, Daisy began to question her actions, thinking perhaps she had taken things too far. In your opinion, do you think Daisy was right or wrong? What would you have done differently if you were in her shoes?

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