Milo Manheim Is All Grown-up and Is an Aspiring Actor — Meet Camryn Manheim's Only Son

Milo Manheim grew up accompanying his mother Camryn Manheim to the acting set where she did what she loves to do most: act.

Milo Manheim, 17, is a young actor and the only son of the award-winning actress Camryn Manheim. He is known for his lead role in the Disney musical series "Zombies" while she has been recognized for her work on "The Practice" and "Ghost Whisperer."

As the son of a single mother, Milo accompanied his mother wherever she had to film. So, the boy grew up behind the camera, watching how the productions his mother appeared in were created.

Camryn and Milo Manheim attending the 26th Annual Screen Actors Guild Awards in Los Angeles, California in January 2020. | Image: Getty Images.

Camryn and Milo Manheim attending the 26th Annual Screen Actors Guild Awards in Los Angeles, California in January 2020. | Image: Getty Images.

On one occasion, he asked his mother if he could appear in an episode of those productions. He would have been around 8 years old, but he took his script, read and memorized it to be ready to do his part.

After this, many years passed until he was in front of a camera again, but that does not mean he stopped acting. On the contrary, throughout high school, Milo participated in various theatrical and musical productions.


It was while performing in one of those musical plays that a Disney talent scouting production company noticed him. After the play, a woman approached him with the opportunity to audition for a new Disney production.

Milo and his mother accepted with a bit of skepticism as the boy had no acting experience or training at the time. However, the audition went wonderfully, and he got the lead role.


The musical film premiered in 2018 and was a huge success, providing a rewarding experience for Milo. His mother became an excellent acting adviser thanks to her years of experience and solid career.

The series had such remarkable success that it became a phenomenon. They all went out on tours, created promotional material, and fans followed the boys around the country. But that wasn't the only triumph Milo had at the time.


During season 27 of the show "Dancing with the Stars," Milo had the opportunity to participate with the professional dancer Witney Carson who taught him to dance. And Milo's participation was more than satisfactory.

Milo dedicated himself professionally to learn the routines and techniques and became one of the show favorites. Although he almost became the youngest winner, he ended up in 2nd place with a perfect score.


Milo was born just two days before his mother's 40th birthday, in 2001. Standing right next to her in the delivery room was her longtime friend and Milo's father, former model Jeffrey Brezovar. Although they were never a couple, he has remained present in his son's life.

After finishing high school, Milo began studying at New York University, where his mother also studied. This has been tough on the actress since she lives on the west coast.


Milo's family is a matriarchal family, where the women in his life, his mother and grandmother, are key figures. His mother has raised him alone, giving him the best opportunities.

Milo is a talented boy who learned to play the piano, guitar, ukelele, and his mother has encouraged him to learn and enjoy whatever he does. Both mother and son have an excellent relationship and accompany each other on the red carpets.


After his work in "Zombies 2," Milo dedicated himself to college studies until the Covid-19 pandemic made him return home to spend the quarantine with his family and closest friends, who he also likes to call his family by choice.

The fame that accompanied his participation in Disney's "Zombies" and DWTS has made him a celebrity among the young and teenage public. Milo now has a good number of followers on his social media and a legion of girls pining for him.

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