Daily Joke: A Man Leaves a Bar Looking So Drunk He Could Hardly Walk

Feb 27, 2021
12:30 P.M.
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A man left the bar looking very drunk that he could barely walk. However, after being pulled over by a cop, he admitted to being a distraction from men who had driven out of the bar drunk.


A police officer sat in a patrol car parked outside a bar. When the bar closed, he noticed a drunk man struggling to walk as he made his way to the car park.

The drunk staggered around the car park for several minutes while trying to maintain his stance. Unknowingly, the officer was observing quietly from his car.

Friends toasting with shots of tequila in a bar. | Photo: Getty Images


Trying to locate his car, the drunk man put his keys in six different vehicles before eventually finding his car, unknowingly. He fell into it and started driving out of the car park.

However, knowing that he was drunk, the police officer chased after him, pulled him over, and performed a breath test to confirm if he had been drinking. The test result surprisingly showed that the man had not taken any alcohol.

A bartender pouring a drink at the bar. | Photo: Pexels


Confused, the officer told the man he would need to follow him to the police station for another test. The cop explained that the breathalyzer was broken as he watched the man all night and was sure he was drunk. Smugly, the man said:

“I doubt it. Tonight I am the designated decoy.”

Enjoyed that joke? Here’s another one about two men who got drunk while having a few drinks at a bar. After a while, one of them stood up and went to the bathroom while the other stayed at the bar, speaking to the bartender. 

A drunk man at the bar | Photo: Shutterstock


Suddenly, a loud noise came from the bathroom. The man at the bar told the bartender it sounded like it was his friend screaming.

He then went to confirm. On getting to the bathroom, the man asked to know what happened. His friend explained that whenever he tried to flush the toilet, something hit him. Shaking his head, the man formerly sitting at the bar said:

"You soft beggar, you're sitting on the mop bucket."

A photo of a loving couple walking towards the house. | Photo: Shutterstock


Enjoyed that joke? Here's another one about a bald man who was set to get married to his long-time lover. In a bid to look better on his big day, he decided to buy a toupee to cover his baldness.

The man took his youngest son to a wig store where they checked out several toupees before settling for the most natural-looking piece they saw.

After shopping for the wig, the duo returned home and continued preparing for the wedding. On the D-day, everything went perfectly, except the man kept worrying that everyone would see he was wearing a toupee.

A man comforting someone by embracing her gently | Photo: Shutterstock


The day after his wedding, the man's son saw him looking sad and asked to know what was going on. The man explained that he was only worried people at the wedding noticed his wig. The little boy then replied: "No one that I told had any clue!"

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