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Woman Asked for the Manager after a Pharmacist Denied Her Medication — Here's What Happened

Lois Oladejo
Feb 19, 2021
11:20 P.M.
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What would you do if you were refused service because you were profiled wrongly by a stranger? This woman was, and she did not take kindly to it.


A woman named Beatrice, who identifies as gay, moved to a new town alongside her lover — the new home was only 20 minutes away from her original place, so she decided to change her pharmacy to one closer to her new home.

The woman has health conditions that require her to use drugs to regulate her cholesterol and high blood pressure, and she was also getting treated for depression. All the drugs were specific drugs that were never abused.

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One day, Beatrice decides to head into the nearby pharmacy to pick up drugs for her ailment. Her lover joined her, and they both proceeded into the drug store to make their purchase.

After making her selections, Beatrice went to pay, but the clerk told her to wait before ushering both her and her lover into a small side office where they encountered a woman who was checking out her pills and typing them in online in a bid to find out if they could be abused.

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After going through each drug bottle, the strange woman remained unsatisfied, so she proceeded to quiz Beatrice about what made her leave her former pharmacy.

The strange woman went on to declare that she found Beatrice's disarming smile suspicious and so was not comfortable releasing the drugs to her.

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Hardly believing her ears, Beatrice requested for the manager, but the woman was not having any of it. She threatened to have security remove Beatrice and her lover from the premises if they did not do it of their own volition.

Beatrice was undaunted, but she also knew that the security agents would not ask for an explanation. They left the store, and on getting outside, she called the manager and demanded to know why she was being refused service.

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A frustrated Beatrice explained that none of the drugs she purchased could be abused and took things a step further when she implied that they were denied service because of their sexual orientation.

This got the required effect, and when Beatrice returned to the clerk, she was given the silent treatment and handed the drugs.

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Her lover thought she went too far by using the "gay card," but Beatrice believes she was well within her rights to call the boss. Do you agree with Beatrice's lover? Or you think Beatrice made the right call?

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