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Dionne Warwick Gives Advice to Millennials on Twitter — See the Responses from Her Followers

Afouda Bamidele
Feb 23, 2021
01:40 A.M.
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Dionne Warwick had a few words to share with the Millenials on her social media timeline following the exchange between them and the Gen Z generation.


Dionne Warwick has joined in the ongoing Twitter exchange between the Millennials and the Gen Z generation but as a mediator. She wrote that the Millennials should allow Gen Z teenagers to enjoy the moment.

Warwick rhetorically inquired why Millennials were bothered about the Gen Z teenagers, as she went ahead to share that the Millenials did enjoy their teenage days as well.

Dionne Warwick received a Lifetime Achievement Award at the Congressional Black Caucus' 20th Annual Celebration of Leadership at the Shakespeare Theatre on September 14 2016 | Photo: Getty Images


Fans on her timeline were not entirely impressed by her take as they weighed in on her tweet, sharing their opinions about the Gen Z teenagers. One person referred to the teenage group as “internet babies.”

The tweep noted that teenagers had no idea what they were insinuating about the Millenials. At the same time, another person shared their feelings on the Gen Z-ers' effect on the evolution of the internet.


The person pointed out social issues like internet trolling and attention-oriented trends, among others. The concerned Twitter user also noted that it was ideal to remain optimistic that the Gen Z-ers would get better.

These days, Warwick, 80, is gearing for a docuseries about her life.


In another tweet, someone pointed out that the millennials were respectful to their elders unlike the Gen-Z-ers who felt entitled and had the thoughts that they knew all.

In the past few months, fans have come to recognize how inquisitive Warwick became after she started handling her Twitter account. When someone referred to her as curious, the iconic singer corrected the adjective, sharing that she was nosy.


She claimed that she tended to be curious about a lot of information about people, including dramatic details. In a few months, Warwick gathered internet attention because of her inquisitive nature.

While she stays on the internet for loads of information, the music star herself once had to quell attacks directed at her family. In 2019, Warwick took it upon herself to defend her older sister, Dee Dee Warwick.


At the time, rumors were swirling that Dee Dee molested their cousin and late singer, Whitney Houston. Warwick described Dee Dee as a lovely person who would never do such things to a child.

Whitney’s mom, Cissy Houston, also lent her voice, sharing there were no such cases within their family. Dee Dee died in 2008, a few years before Whitney's death.

These days, Warwick, 80, is gearing for a docuseries about her life, and she is set to work alongside star entertainer Teyana Taylor who would be starring and directing.

Once in an interview, she referred to Taylor as a talented star while adding that she was glad to work with her. Warwick also noted that she would love for Taylor to play her in the coming series.


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