February 23, 2021

Daily Joke: A Man Plays Chess with His Dog

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A man went visiting his good friend only to find him engaged in a game of chess with none other than his dog. The man could not contain his amazement — until his friend spoke.

A man decided to pay his dear friend a casual visit. Little did he know that he would receive his greatest shock on the same day. 

When he arrived at his friend's dwelling, he was astonished to find the man enjoying a game of chess. This would have been fine under normal circumstances, but this did not count as one, especially since his friend's opponent was his dog. 

Photo of a man playing chess | Photo: Pixabay


The man observed the game for a while before commenting on how smart the dog was. Indeed, he called the animal the most intelligent dog he had ever come across.

His friend was not so impressed, and it was evident that he did not think the dog was brilliant from his reply. Why? They had played five games, but the dog had lost two. 

Photo of resting dog | Photo: Pixabay


More Jokes to Love: Three married men met at a bar to discuss their wives. The first man opens up about how he thinks his spouse is sleeping with the electrician — apparently, he met strange wire cutters under their matrimonial bed the previous week. 

The second man reveals that he thinks his partner has liaisons with the plumber because of the wrench he found under their bed — it wasn't his. 

Three male friends enjoying drink at a bar. | Photo: Pexels


The last man had a weird look on his face as he stated that he believes his wife is having sexual relations with a horse.

His friends turned disbelieving gazes on him, so he explained that he made the conclusion because he discovered a jockey under their bed — it most certainly was not his. 

Here is another interesting joke: An artist wanted to know if his artwork was selling, so he asked the gallery owner if his works had captured any interest. 

Photo of an artist painting | Photo: Pexels


The gallery owner had both bad news and good news for the artist. The artist asked for the good news first, and the owner told him a gentleman had enquired about the paintings. 

The owner stated that the gentleman also wanted to know if the art pieces would become more valuable after his demise, to which he had replied "yes." This prompted the gentleman to purchase all 30 of the paintings. 

Photo of an artist painting | Photo: Pexels

The artist was overjoyed and immediately requested to know what the bad news could be. The owner replied, "The gentleman said he was your doctor."

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