Stephanie Mills Shows off Her Powerful Vocals as She Sings in a Video Dedicated to Her Fans

Dayna Remus
Feb 25, 2021
04:20 A.M.
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The wonderful Stephanie Mills showed off her powerful and beautiful voice by singing for her "real fans" in a recent video she posted on her official Instagram account @iamstephaniemills.


The acclaimed singer-songwriter Stephanie Mills took to the stage in a recent Instagram clip. She proceeded to show off her amazing voice, claiming in the caption that the online performance was only for her "real fans".

Singing softly in the beginning, one can barely hear Mills' voice but you can tell that it is still gorgeous and strong. Eventually, the music starts to speed up into an almost funk-like beat and Mills' voice begins to soar along.

Stephanie Mills performing at the 2014 Soul Train Music Awards in LA at the Orleans Arena on November 7, 2014. | Photo: Getty Images



Anyone who sings, especially those who are professionally trained, knows that it is more difficult to do so whilst sitting down because you can't access your diaphragm as easily. However, Mills doesn't seem to have this problem, writing in the caption:

"For my real #StephanieMills fans. Yes I sing sitting down??‍♀️??‍♀️."

Mills obviously has a lot of real fans and followers with almost 13,000 views on the clip in just under a day as well as 155 comments in total. The broadway star also sports 461,000 followers on her Instagram page.



Facing the band directly, everyone from Mills to the guitarist to the drummer seemed to be enjoying themselves to the fullest. Wearing comfortable black clothes, one can tell that the stage is truly a home for this talented star.

Mills grew up in the fantastic and strange world of Broadway.

Mills posts many videos on Instagram of her singing. One adorable video shared in November 2018 includes the singer and her son jamming out on stage to a cover of Bruno Mars' "Uptown Funk", receiving just under 40,000 views.



The singer's son Farad Mills has special needs. Speaking in a 2010 interview, the incredibly talented Broadway star commended "The Shriners", a non-profit organization that provides medical facilities, saying:

"..they have 22 hospitals nationwide. And what I love is even my son [...] can get access to the best spinal-cord doctors..."

Mills went on, stating that she had done her research into the organization and found out that they treat every patient with exceptional care. Obviously, this doting mother is very invested in receiving the best care for her child.



Outside of music, Mills is not one to shy away from using her powerful voice to give strength to her opinions on social and political issues. Last year, she commended Al Sharpton's representation of George Floyd.

Sharpton delivered a touching eulogy aimed towards the commemoration of Floyd's life. He asked everyone not to speak for the length of time it took for the police officer to take his knee off the neck of the late Floyd.


Mills grew up in the fantastic and strange world of Broadway, singing and acting in the show "Maggie Flynn" when she was just nine years old. After acting as Dorothy in the first version of Broadway's "The Wiz", the singer slowly became well-known.

She also dated the late superstar Michael Jackson back in the seventies. She complimented the great singer and dancer, saying that he was incredibly kind and respectful and that he really enjoyed joking around.

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