February 26, 2021

James Van Der Beek Debuts a New Look after His 7-Year-Old Daughter Annabel Styles His Hair

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American actor James Van Der Beek recently got his fans in their feelings after taking to social media to show off his new hairstyle courtesy of his third oldest child. 

James Van Der Beek gave his fans glimpses of his new hairstyle in photos he shared via his personal Instagram page. The hair was styled by none other than Annabel, his lovely 7-year-old daughter. 

Van Der Beek shared several photos that showed off the hair, which was styled in bangs that framed his long face. In one video, the doting father noted that he looks like "Snape" — an enigmatic character from the "Harry Potter" franchise.

James Van Der Beek at Sunset Tower Hotel on February 6, 2017 | Photo: Getty Images


Annabel giggled at his observation, but when Van Der Beek added that he would not be keeping the hairstyle, she tried to make him promise to wear it to work on "crazy hair day." 

He replied that there were "hair and wardrobe people" to fix him up should he turn up at work with such a hairdo. The proud father followed the post up with a hilarious caption. It read,

"When you need to break up with your hairdresser but don't because you're friends."


In the comments section, fans of the talented actor could hardly contain their love and admiration for both father and daughter. Some thought the hairdo was a cute one, while others were quick to thank their stars that they did not end up with female kids.

The pair have had to endure birth complications and five miscarriages.


Van Der Beek was not so lucky — of his five children, only one is a boy. Annabel is his third oldest child. Last month, she celebrated her seventh birthday, and the doting father took to Instagram with a heartwarming tribute that tugged on many heartstrings. 

In the tribute, Van Der Beek stated that neither he nor his wife knew what her sex was when she was conceived because they wanted it to be a surprise.


He wrote, "I was almost sure you'd be a boy, but that if you weren't, I'd never be able to predict anything you'd do. Let's just say I was half spot-on."

The tribute went on with Van Der Beek listing off his beautiful daughter's enviable attributes, and it ended with him expressing gratitude for being her dad. 

Van Der Beek shares all five of his children with his wife, Kimberly. The pair have had to endure birth complications and five miscarriages but are still open to having more kids. Good luck to them!