February 26, 2021

Keke Palmer & Alleged Boyfriend Styn Spotted in New Photos Showing PDA in Hollywood Streets

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Keke Palmer, 27, is making the media go gaga with speculations of her new relationship. New images online showed the actress and alleged boyfriend Styn flaunting PDA in the streets of Hollywood.

Hollywood star Keke Palmer manages to keep her personal affairs under wraps. Still, the media gets wind of brief details of what goes on in her life—all thanks to their ever-watchful eyes.

Recently, the paparazzi caught a glimpse of the actress on the streets of Hollywood with an alleged lover. The pictures that were later shared online revealed the pair showing PDA.

Singer and actress Keke Palmer at her listening party at the 40/40 club in 2018 | Photo: Getty Images


They seemed relaxed while sitting on a comfortable platform. Both Palmer and Styn, a Dutch artist, had just purchased two cups of coffee, and they looked happy sharing the alone time with their beverages in hand.

One incredible thing about the images was the proximity they shared. In one photo, Styn busied himself with helping his alleged lover place her nose mask properly. His hands were extended to her face, and she confidently closed her eyes during the process.


Another picture featured the onscreen star resting one leg on the singer's thighs. She stretched down in a pose to reach his face, and they sweetly locked lips.

Rumor had it that the two flirted with each other. The artist touched Palmer's knee and hair, all of which were warmly received by his lover.

She went public about her relationship status last year when she announced that she was seeing someone special.


Aside from the cozy sitting photos, paparazzi got a hold of them leaving their spot. They had their hands intertwined while strutting down the road. This gave many internet users the privilege to stare at their outfits.

The 27-year-old dressed in ripped denim shorts, a white inner top, and a red multiple-buttoned blazer paired with low-heeled slippers.


Her company opted for a black and blue artistic-designed shirt and ripped blue jeans that looked excellent with his all-star shoes. They both rocked the same shades of nose mask.

Before now, the actress had expressed her intentions to keep her lover's identity a secret. She went public about her relationship status last year when she announced that she was seeing someone special.


Insiders alleged that the 27-year-old has been with her lover since 2019. While the Hollywood star is yet to confirm the news, her Dutch boyfriend often flaunts posts that loudly hint that they spend a lot of time in each other's company and are romantically involved.

Although Palmer revealed that she does not like dating celebrities, her dating history proves that she has been with a few famous faces. She has dated rapper Ben J, TY Dolla Sign, YG, Elvin Jackson, Rodney King, and Quincy Brown.