March 01, 2021

Teenage Girl and Grandfather Save 11-Year-Old Boy Trapped in Frozen East Texas Pond

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One Jefferson High School student noticed a boy who fell through the ice at a frozen pond as she was out for a walk in the winter weather with her dog.

Caitlyn Thomas said in an interview that she did not want to take her dog, Kroger, on a walk because it was too cold. However, the 18-year-old is extremely happy with her decision.

When Thomas was playing on her phone, she soon spotted this image floating in the water. "It instantly clicked in my brain like, 'Oh my gosh, I have to help him!'" she said.

Caitlyn Thomas during an interview. | Photo: YouTube/ArkLaTex Homepage


In the early hours of Wednesday afternoon, it happened around the Jefferson High School neighborhood in Berea. Thomas said the boy was unable to speak when she called out to him.

Thomas was scared when the boy simply looked at her. She said the neighbors didn't answer their doors when she knocked, and she didn't know where they were if she called 911.


They had to act quickly, so Thomas contacted her grandfather, Randy Thomas, who lives a block away. Randy ran to help a few minutes later, only wearing jeans and a long-sleeved t-shirt.

Video of Randy taken by Thomas after calling 911 shows him standing chest-deep in the icy water. Thomas said her grandfather had initially instructed the boy to grab a rope attached to his truck.

After being examined by EMS, he is expected to be okay.


However, he was unable to move his arms. Randy finally recovered the boy from the frozen pond with the help of neighbors and friends. He was stunned, cold, and shoeless but was conscious.

In a statement, the Marion County Sheriff's Office noted that the boy was already inside his home with his mother when first responders arrived. After being examined by EMS, he is expected to be okay.


The incident follows a major announcement by President Joe Biden in Texas after a record-breaking cold snap. People were left without water, and hundreds of towns were powerless for seven days.  

Meanwhile, in Ukraine, nine-year-old Maria Moiseyenko was captured by a street surveillance camera enduring extreme weather conditions. The clip shows spectators sliding down steep Andriyivsky Uzviz.

On October 10, after freezing temperatures followed wet weather, the area turned into an ice rink. Footage appears to show the young girl attempting to climb the street.

After repeatedly trying to climb the slippery curb, she always had to fall forward on her hands and knees. A stranger finally stepped forward when he saw her dire struggle and extended his hand.