February 26, 2021

Woman Heroically Rushed to Rescue Her Dog after It Fell through the Ice in Frozen Swimming Pool

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A surveillance camera at Jennie Tatum's backyard captured the moment she jumped into a frozen pool to save her dog, who fell into it while playing. 

If anyone needs the inspiration to be brave, watching a video of a woman who jumped into a frozen pool to rescue her dog will do the trick. 

Jennie Tatum, from Murfreesboro, Tennessee, braved the icy waters of the pool in her backyard without hesitation when one of her beloved pooches accidentally fell through the ice while playing. 

A sunset picture of a frozen pond | Photo: Pexels


Her two dogs were playing in the backyard and running beside the pool when one of them, Sid, slipped through the frozen pool. Tatum was watching both dogs, and when she saw what happened, she quickly jumped in to save her dog. 

Her backyard's surveillance caught the incident as it happened and how she braved the odds to save Sid. From the footage, which ABC7 shared, one can see that Tatum was on the other side of the pool when Sid fell through. 

She ran to the side where the dog fell through and entered the icy pool searching for Sid. At first, she did not find the dog and got out of the pool. She went to the other end to get a better view from above. 


Maltese dog relaxing on sofa at modern living room | Photo: Getty Images

After scanning the pool briefly, she ran back and entered the freezing water once again and pulled Sid, who was barely conscious, out with her. She ran into her house with the poor dog, with the other dog following closely. 


Tatum does not consider herself a hero and said she would have jumped into the freezing pool to save anyone's pet.

Speaking about her heroic act, Tatum said she acted with pure adrenaline because she was not thinking about being cold. She added that Sid is about 50 pounds, and all she could think about was how to get him into the house and get him warm. 

A picture of a winter frozen pond | Photo: Pixabay


Sid was submerged in the freezing water for over 60 seconds and a veterinarian, April Smith, said the dog did not have another minute to spare based on his symptoms. 

Smith said the dog might have held his breath for some time in the water but still needed oxygen to be revived and added that Tatum saved his life. The veterinarian noted that Sid sunk and would not have had a chance without his owner. 

Tatum's life-saving actions caught news headlines, and she appeared on Fox News to speak about it. She revealed that she called her neighbor, a veterinarian, for help after the incident, and there were fears her dog would not make it. 


However, the veterinarian had emergency medication and administered it to the dog before taking him to the hospital alive. Now, Sid is doing great though he is still a bit skittish on the outside and avoids the pool at all costs.  

Despite her bravery, Tatum did not consider herself a hero and said she would have jumped into the freezing pool to save anyone's pet.


Tatum's courageous act is among several incredible occurrences in Tennessee during the winter storm. A couple of weeks back, bear cubs rescued from under a house in Tennesse reunited with their mother.

River: Photo: Pixabay


The cubs were rescued from a gas leak and separated from their mother in the process. A homeowner agreed to let the bear cubs stay and cared for them, feeding them from a bottle. 

Thinking their mother would not return, there were plans to take the cubs into another bear's litter before the spring. However, their mother returned the next day at the site of the now-repaired gas leak and reunited with her precious cubs.