March 02, 2021

Daily Joke: Four Students Drink Too Much the Night before Their Exam

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Four students went out for a drink the night before their exam. They got drunk and eventually missed the exam. The four of them then lie to their professor to get a retest which he agrees to. Unknown to them, the professor had other plans for them.

Four college students were about to write their final exam. To celebrate the milestone, they decided to have some drinks the night before their exam.

They get to the bar, have a few drinks, and then some more until eventually, they are all dead drunk. However, the four students manage to go home, where they soon fell asleep.

Friends toasting with shots of tequila in a bar. | Photo: Getty Images


By morning when the students woke up, they realized they missed the exam. They then decided to go to their professor with an excuse as to why they missed the exam.

After arriving at his office, the four students told the professor they were driving to the exam venue when the car got a flat tire in the middle of nowhere. Unfortunately, they did not get any help and were stuck there for hours.

A bartender pouring a drink at the bar. | Photo: Pexels


They pleaded with the professor to allow them to retake the exam. After much consideration, he agreed and gave them a date to come back for their make-up exam.

Happy about their progress, the four students returned home and began studying for their upcoming exam. They spent nights running through their books in final preparation.

Photo of a teacher writing on a whiteboard | Photo: Pexels


On the day of the exam, they headed out early and arrived at the venue on time. Knowing they were well prepared, the four students confidently took their seats and waited for the question paper.

After giving out the question papers, the professor looks at his watch and tells the students to start the exam. Excitedly, they flipped the booklet, but surprisingly only saw one question reading:

"Which tire was flat?"

Photo of a teacher standing in front of a whiteboard | Photo: Pexels

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