March 07, 2021

Story of the Day: Frustrated Daughter Wishes Her Mother Wasn't Autistic

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Family is the basic unit of society and is supposedly the ultimate source of love and acceptance. Yet this story will make you reflect on the limits of understanding within a family.

Brittany is a 17-year-old college freshman whose mother has autism. She loves her mom, Nicole, despite the latter’s condition. But she could not help but get annoyed sometimes.

Brittany knows that her mom could not control her behavior, but she gets frustrated nonetheless. One of Brittany’s pet peeves is her mom barging into her room and screaming at her over the slightest disarray.

A picture of a distraught teenage girl. | Photo: Pixabay



Her mom wants everything in the house in order. She would yell at Brittany when stuff in her room is not neatly organized according to color or size. Brittany reasoned with her mom all the time:

“Mom, not everyone is as obsessed with order as you are. Let me be!”

But her mom would not stop pestering Brittany with her obsessive tendencies. Nicole’s lack of social skills has also put Brittany in several awkward situations.

A picture of organized puzzle pieces, symbolizing autism. | Photo: Pixabay



One time she had her friend, Bridgette, over for dinner. While eating, Nicole suddenly talked about how Brittany went on a tirade against Nicole for being the worst friend ever.

After Bridgette left, Brittany confronted her mom saying she almost ruined her friendship with Bridgette.

A picture of a distraught woman. | Photo: Pixabay


That incident was true, but it happened two years ago. For Brittany, it was completely inappropriate for her mom to bring that up and potentially offend Bridgette.

After the awkward dinner, Brittany had to apologize to Bridgette and explain that her mom’s autism caused her to have poor social skills. Bridgette assured her that there was nothing to be sorry for.

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Brittany was thankful that her friend was understanding. But she could not help but be frustrated with her mom. After Bridgette left, Brittany confronted her mom saying she almost ruined her friendship with Bridgette.

Nicole said sorry for bringing up an old issue. But Brittany, in a fit of anger, blurted out that she wished her mom was not autistic and that her parents should have decided not to have a child knowing Nicole has autism.

A photo of an upset teenage girl sitting on her bed. | Photo: Pixabay


Her dad slapped Brittany saying she was disrespectful. She ran toward her room and locked herself in. Her dad was texting her about how rude she was and how much hurt she caused her mom for what she said.

Brittany is now wondering whether she had overreacted and whether she was such a bad child. What do you think? Let us know in the comments. Meanwhile, check out this other interesting family drama.