Story of the Day: Son Locks His Own Fridge after Parents Charged Him for Rent & Food

Christell Fatima M. Tudtud
Mar 01, 2021
03:20 P.M.
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This family drama will make you think about the boundaries of household cost-sharing, especially in the context of blended families. Read on and then share your opinions.


Sixteen-year-old Max lives with his dad and stepmom. Since he found a job a year ago, they have been charging him $150 for rent. Max had no complaints about it.

However, this year, they decided to charge him for food, too. They asked him to pay for any food they buy that he would eat. Max did not feel good about it, as he felt unwelcomed in his own home.

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But he obliged in order to avoid complications.  The following week, Max decided to get his own fridge and buy his own food so there would be no need for him to get from his dad and stepmom’s groceries.

He bought a used fridge from a friend and placed it in his room. But this arrangement led to a conflict. Max noticed that his food would slowly disappear from the ref. A few times, he caught his stepbrother taking food from his fridge.

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Max also knew that his stepmom would take supplies like milk and juice from his fridge whenever their groceries ran out. One day, he decided to buy a lock for his fridge.

When Max shared the situation with his mom, who was living in another state, she was furious.

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That was when his stepmom confronted him, asking him not to lock his fridge because they might need something from his supplies during emergencies. To Max’s disappointment, his father sided with her.

Max thought it was unfair. He told them that he would only unlock his fridge if they paid for all the food they had taken from his fridge without his permission. They got into an impasse. 

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When Max shared the situation with his mom who was living in another state, she was furious. She could not believe that her son was being charged for rent and food by his own dad, considering he is still a minor.

She told Max that she would talk to his dad. He pleaded with her not to, saying he did not want to make the issue bigger. But his mom insisted. A yelling match ensued between her and his dad.

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Max is now caught up in a dilemma. There is a possibility his dad and stepmom would kick him out. He could not move to another state and be with his mom because of his work.

At the same time, he would not be able to afford renting an apartment on his own. If you were Max, what would you do? Share in the comments. Afterward, check out this other drama between parents and children.