February 28, 2021

Teenage Girl Asks Dad to Leave Her and Her Boyfriend Alone While They Study in a Closed Room

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Saskia and her boyfriend were trying to study behind closed doors, which left her dad very uncomfortable and checking on them the entire time. The ordeal ended in a major fight. 

With her mom working late that evening, 14-year-old Saskia and her boyfriend, Nick, decided to get on top of their homework in her mom's study at home and closed the door so that they could work in silence. 

The amount of privacy granted to the teenagers by the closed door resulted in her middle-aged dad feeling very uncomfortable with the situation and him seeking any excuse to check up on them. 

A blond girl arguing with her boyfriend | Source: Pexels/ Polina Zimmerman


Fed up with her dad's constant intrusions on her and her boyfriend's study session, Saskia decided to confront him and ask him to trust her, given that she had never given him a reason not to. Saskia walked into the kitchen and said: 

"Dad, I realize that you think we are up to funny business up there but I promise you we are just trying to get our homework done. Please stop bursting through the door." 

Saskia went on to say that he never treated her 17-year-old brother Jason and his girlfriend with the same distrust and suspicion, to which he replied that he knew that they were only watching movies in the basement. 


A couple sitting by a window discussing something | Source: Pexel/ Kindel Media

Evidently very frustrated by the double standard that her father was operating with, Saskia turned to her older sister for some back-up. Having studied law, Julia could argue any person into a corner. 


Saskia sprinted down the stairs with her boyfriend in tow. 

Was it too big of an ask to expect the 14-year-old's father to trust her and her boyfriend alone together in an enclosed space without any supervision? Julia took Saskia's side to convince her father to give his daughter the benefit of the doubt. 

A man and woman arguing | Source: Pexels/ Ketut Subiyanto


Saskia left the remnants of the gender roles argument between her father and sister as she headed back upstairs to join her boyfriend and hopefully finish up her homework. 

The teenager's father wasn't the only one interested in what was happening in the study as there was another knock at the door just as Saskia sat behind the desk. Clearly, there wasn't going to be any undisturbed time for the two in the study. 

A young woman and man having a conversation whilst seated by a window | Source: Pexels/ Kindel Media


Saskia answered with an irritated response that whoever it was could come in. Expecting it to be her dad looking for another stapler or a document that he never printed, the two were surprised to see Jason standing at the door. 

Immediately on the defense, the youngest sibling asked what her older brother wanted and rolled her eyes when he laughed in response. Typical of any 17-year-old, he was teasing his sister. 

A teenage boy and girl smiling at each other | Source: Pexel/ Keira Burton


Expecting Saskia's mom home from work any minute, her father saw her flying down the stairs with her boyfriend in tow. The two were on their way to school to go and do their work in the library.

Confused about what was happening, he tried to stop them, but they were already out the door. Was Saskia expecting her family to trust her too much? Check out another story about siblings fighting in the meanwhile.