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Story of the Day: Woman Decides Not to Let Obese Sister Borrow Her Clothes Anymore

Lois Oladejo
Nov 02, 2020
01:20 P.M.
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A woman decided to stop sharing her clothes with her obese sister, which ends up in a disagreement between them. Though the woman felt guilty about it, Reddit users think she did no wrong.


A 20-year-old woman took to Reddit to share her tricky situation with her 17-year-old sister. Before now, the two sisters were similar in size and could wear each other’s clothes, but according to the woman, her sister recently added a lot of weight.

The woman explained that even though she has a healthy weight, she prefers wearing baggy sweatshirts and shirts. Additionally, she loves to wear leggings, which get stretchy.

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The woman noted that she has a job that pays her well enough to afford nicer and trendy clothes. However, her sister is always asking to borrow some of her sweaters and leggings to wear to school.

Though some of the woman’s baggy clothes fit her sister, she explained that they end up getting more stretched whenever her sister wears them. In some cases, the clothes get ripped.

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An example is when her sister asked to wear the woman’s VS leggings to school. The leggings ended up getting ripped, and this frustrated the woman a little because that was her favorite pair of leggings. Seeing this, their parents got a replacement, a different pair to make up for it.

The woman added that one time, her sister also stretched out the collar of one of her favorite sweaters. Though she understands that it was not intentional, the woman felt a bit frustrated about the situation.

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She then decided to talk with her sister and told her they could no longer share clothes. During the discussion, the woman was careful not to bring up her sister’s weight.

However, her sister asked to know why they could no longer share clothes and kept pressing. She wanted to know if it was about the ripped leggings or if she did something wrong.

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Though the woman tried to avoid saying it initially, she ended up giving and told her sister she had gotten a little too big to wear her clothes and was stretching them out. 

Her sister, however, disagreed and said she did not think she was stretching the clothes out. She also added that the leggings got ripped because it was old.

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Speaking further, the woman told her sister she could help her find a job so she would be able to afford nicer and trendier clothes that would be perfect for her.

However, this did not sit well with her sister, who stormed off to tell their parents and other family members that the woman was shaming her for being overweight. After this, the woman tried to speak to her sister again, but she was too upset to listen.

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Her sister believed it was about the ripped leggings, but the woman said she was just tired of having her good clothes stretched out. Though their parents are staying out of it, some of her sister’s friends think the woman is wrong for allegedly fat-shaming her sister.

Reddit users, however, disagreed with this and noted that the woman was not wrong for asking that they stop sharing clothes. They believe she was nice enough in her approach, and her sister should respect her decision without making it a big deal.

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