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March 02, 2021

'The Crown' Actress Emma Corrin Talks about Prince Harry's Reaction to the Show

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When Prince Harry commented on the hit miniseries "The Crown," Emma Corrin was flattered that the royal watched the show wherein she played the role of Princess Diana. 

Not only did Emma Corrin win the Golden Globe for best actress in a drama for her role as Princess Diana in "The Crown," but the miniseries also carries Prince Harry's approval. 

During a virtual interview after winning her prestigious award, Corrin shed some insight into what it was like receiving support for the show from a member of the royal family. 

Emma Corrin at a VIP preview of "Go On Then: Tomo Campbell" at The Cob Gallery on October 08, 2020 | Getty Images



Elaborating on what it was like playing Princess Diana's role from 16 to 28 on "The Crown," Corrin shared that she was ready to hand the role over to the next actress.

On top of the award, Corrin and the rest of "The Crown" team received a tremendous compliment from Prince Harry, who said that he appreciated that the show didn't claim to be portraying facts. Corrin shared what it was like to hear that saying

"I felt incredibly grateful to him, actually, and incredibly moved by what he said." 



The 25-year-old actress emphasized the fact that "The Crown" was fictional. Although there is an element of responsibility owed to the characters they portray, it remained a work of fiction. 

Even so, Prince Harry appreciates that the miniseries don't claim their work as facts. A welcome change from the media, whom the prince said often pass their stories about the royal family as fact. 



Prince Harry revealed his opinion on the award-winning show portraying the royal family's story during his interview with talk show host James Corden. 

The royal was riding in an open-top bus touring through Los Angeles with his fellow Brit when Corden asked him what he thought of "The Crown." Prince Harry shared

"I'm way more comfortable with The Crown than I am seeing the stories written about my family, or my wife, or myself. That is obviously fiction – take it how you will."



Although the Duke of Sussex's feedback was positive, other royal family members were not so forthcoming with raving reviews about the show that is loosely based on their lives. 

Prince Harry's brother, Prince William, is one such critic who is not such a big fan of "The Crown" due to the manner in which it depicts and exploits his parents for financial gain. 


Queen Elizabeth's grandchildren seem to be of diverse opinion regarding the award-winning show, with Princess Eugenie siding with Prince Harry, saying that she is a fan of the show. 

Princess Eugenie found the music and the story beautiful and complimented how it was filmed and produced. Luckily the hate or love of the royal family does not affect whether or not the public gets to enjoy "The Crown."