March 06, 2021

911 Dispatcher and Police Officer Honored after Helping to Birth a Baby during Snowstorm

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A 911 dispatcher and a police officer were honored after helping a woman give birth during a snowstorm at home in New Jersey.

In Burlington County, 911 dispatcher Mark Boyd and police officer Keith Upton were honored after they helped a woman give birth at home amid a snowstorm.

Dispatcher Boyd received the call a few minutes before 10 am on February 2 from the father whose wife had gone into labor. Upton was the first officer on the scene. 

A dispatcher and officer helped a woman give birth in New Jersey, 2021. | Photo: Shutterstock


Boyd talked Upton and the father through the birth process once it was clear that EMS workers would not arrive before the baby. The mom delivered a healthy 5-pound baby girl. 

Boyd and Upon were awarded certificates that recognized their outstanding work and service. Dan O'Connell, the Burlington County Commissioner, presented the certificates. O'Connell said:

“Dispatcher Boyd and Officer Upton rose to the occasion and provided a huge assist to this new mom.”


Upton has worked as and served as an officer in Delran for 21 years. Boyd is a veteran at Central communications as he had been there for ten years. 

The phone call lasted 10 minutes and ended with the birth of a healthy 5 pound 10-ounce baby girl. The mother and baby were taken to the area hospital as a precaution. 

Another family was affected by the winter snowstorms.


Upton had remarked that the situation happened very quickly. In less than a minute, the baby went crowning, to having its head out to the whole body. 

He called it crazy but one of the most rewarding experiences. Boyd shared his sentiments and shared that he had to remain calm during the situation and said:

"I knew I had to remain calm for him and for the dad because at that point, I'm a parent, I have a 10-year-old daughter, it's the biggest day of your life."


Giving birth can be a nerve-wracking experience for any mother, plus being stuck because of a large snowstorm must have made the experience even more stressful. Luckily Boyd and Upton were there to help.

Another family was affected by the winter snowstorms. Helen and Abiey Woldemichae ended up having their baby in the backseat of their car as the storm Uri made it difficult to get to the hospital in time.

The couple decided to name their baby Amari, which means miracle in Hebrew. Amari was born prematurely at 25 weeks. Her original due date was May 30. 

Luckily mom and baby made it to the NICU at the Baylor University Medical Center safely and are both doing well. The Woldemichaes are expected to take their baby home in May.