March 06, 2021

Story of the Day: Lady Throws Cousin Out of Her Room for Stealing Her Medicine

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A woman welcomed her teenage cousin into her home with open arms when she lost her house. However, her generosity was thrown back in her face by the cousin stealing her medicine.

Sarah Parkson, 35, welcomed her aunt, Pauline Michaels, 45, and her cousin, Jenny Jones, 16, into her home two weeks after a fire ravaged their house. Parkson had no problem with them living with her.

Michaels opted to sleep on the couch while Jones got to share their host’s bedroom. Parkson suffered from Hashimoto’s disease/hypothyroidism and took levothyroxine to manage it.

A woman sleeping comfortably on a couch | Photo: Shutterstock/Rawpixel.com


The disease happens when the immune system attacks the butterfly-shaded gland in the neck or thyroid. The cousin heard from someone else that the medicine also helped one lose weight.

In an effort to help her lose weight, the teenager stole her cousin’s medicine. Parkson woke up one morning and panicked because she couldn’t find her medication anywhere.

Two women sleeping comfortably in bed at home | Photo: Shutterstock/jesterpop


She didn’t like delaying too long for the medicine intake because when she took it earlier, she could eat. Parkson explained how it was recommended that she didn’t eat too soon after taking the medication.

Not wanting to think badly of her new guests, she looked everywhere for it but couldn’t find anything. However, the bottle that went lost was a full month's worth of the medication and she needed to find it.

Angry woman throwing clothes in the living room | Photo: Shutterstock/LightField Studios


Ultimately, she ended up going for a whole week without taking the levothyroxine. However, one day she found the medication in Jones’s things and discovered that her little cousin was using the medicine.

Jones had taken around two weeks’ worth of the medication in one week! Out of the whole bottle, only a mere six pills were left of the medication that Parkson used to manage her disease.

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Parkson confessed to taking a pretty high dose herself, but she knew the medication wasn’t safe for her cousin. Obviously, she was quite livid about the situation and addressed it the best way she knew how.

She was so angry she packed all of her cousin’s things and threw them out of her bedroom. The host was determined not to let Jones back in her room after that incident, but family members got involved.

Older woman comforting an upset teenage daughter while bonding at home | Photo: Shutterstock/fizkes


Parkson’s mother insisted that Jones and Michaels were her guests and that she needed to be hospitable to them and not kick out her family. The cousin was also angry and felt her host should share her medication.

The house doesn’t have an empty guest room, so the teenager had to contend with sleeping on the floor. What would you have done if you were facing this type of situation?