March 2021 Monthly Horoscope for Every Zodiac Sign

Bettina Dizon
Mar 03, 2021
04:50 P.M.

The end of an astrological year comes as March begins, and a new year sets as the sun goes from the 12th zodiac sign to the first.


As March begins, so does another astrological year and into the spring equinox’s first sign. This month’s birthstones are nature-colored Aquamarine and Bloodstone.

March 4 marks Mars in Gemini, followed by one of the best days of the month, March 5, when Mercury and lucky Jupiter cross paths -- positive news awaits. Here’s what this month’s horoscope looks like for each Zodiac sign.

Zodiac signs in a circle. | Source: Shutterstock

Zodiac signs in a circle. | Source: Shutterstock



The new moon in Pisces brings personal growth on March 13 that will help build a strong connection for yourself. As Mercury comes in, communicating with others becomes better. Everything kicks off on March 20 as good monetary fortune awaits.


This year is about finding financial freedom, which becomes a step closer on March 13 as financial goals become clearer. As Mars enters Gemini, expressing your identity and socializing with others will come as a breeze.


The first half of the month will test your communication skills, while the new moon will be a time for learning. Come March 22, financial planning turn into action, with more work-related projects coming with the 26th.



Your home and family have been your sanctuary lately, and the new moon will get you further in touch with your childhood and ancestors. When the sun enters Aries, you will shift attention to romance and social relationships.



The beginning of March comes with a bang filled with energy, but things slowly get serious as you shift to work mode as the month concludes. March 13 marks the new moon, a time to take care of your relationships and grab financial opportunities.


As March begins, so does a new chapter in your career. Make time to daydream and reflect as part of your daily routine when the new moon comes on March 13. The month will end with new information coming your way -- use it to make relationship decisions.



Don’t forget to leave something for yourself this month, even if it means defining boundaries and asking for time alone. March may be romantic, but don’t be trapped into a false fantasy. More meaningful conversations will take place as the month ends.


The transition from February to March is rarely on your side. Internalize your beliefs and how it affects your perspective of things. March will bring you a deeper understanding of your fears and insecurities and will help you with new personal goals.



It is a month of growth as you deepen your understanding of personal beliefs. March 13, the new moon, is the best time to feed your priorities and expand your knowledge. Progress will come as the end of March draws close, calling for a celebration.



Career is an essential factor this month, and the new moon brings new light to what you want to be known for. Make connections at the end of the month as friendships will bloom.


March marks a sociable time in your year, but as the month ends, you’ll find yourself needing space. The new moon comes with new beginnings -- set goals and dream big.



Aries babies, born from March 21 to April 19, will start the month drawing energy and focusing on what is important. As Venus enters your sign, find beautiful things greeting you and keeping you busy with errands.

To analyze what happened in the past month, read about February 2021’s horoscope for the different zodiac signs and see how your fate will change this March.

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