March 04, 2021

Story of the Day: Woman Screams at Her Sister and Tells Her She Is Not Actually Pregnant

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What started as an incredible favor between sisters recently turned ugly after one woman screamed at her sister, telling her that she's not actually pregnant. Read on to find out what happened. 

Today's story of the day is about Jackie and her sister, Sophie, who have always been close and inseparable. The real test of their relationship came when Sophie found out that she couldn't safely carry a baby to term.

Sophie and her husband, Derek, were heartbroken until Jackie offered to carry the pregnancy as a surrogate. No one imagined this generous show of love would turn the sisters against each other.

Happy pregnant woman and her sister examining a sonogram picture of a baby. | Source: Shutterstock


It didn't happen overnight, though. At first, the sisters got along really well and bonded over the experience. However, in preparation for the baby, Sophie decided to live her life as if she were pregnant with her child. She reasoned:

"If I live like I'm actually pregnant, it will help me when the baby comes."

Jackie thought it was odd, but she understood her sister's emotionally fragile state. After all, Sophie had always wanted to have children and infertility was her greatest disappointment.


While Jackie was in the first trimester, Sophie's behavior was tolerable and limited to her own household, where she would often mimic generic pregnancy symptoms. 

Often she would request Derek to buy her snacks, claiming that she was experiencing pregnancy cravings. Sometimes she would even make herself throw up and pretend not to eat certain foods.


Problems started to arise when Sophie would get annoyed by Jackie's actual pregnancy symptoms. Jackie was experiencing real cravings and real food aversions, which seemed to bother her sister. 

"I am the real mother of the child, Jackie. Stop trying to take all the attention," she would say. One time Jackie suggested that Sophie go for therapy before the baby comes, but she refused and accused Jackie of wanting to keep the baby.

Jackie decided to bite her tongue for the rest of the pregnancy. By the time she was six months pregnant, Sophie was also dressing in maternity wear and had changed her gait to mimic the walk of a heavily pregnant woman.


Tensions came to a head when Sophie asked Jackie to accompany her on a shopping trip for baby supplies. Jackie agreed, although she was now eight months pregnant and looked like she could pop any minute.


While shopping around, Jackie made sure the store attendants knew that she was a surrogate and Sophie was the child's actual mother; therefore, her opinion was more important.

After six hours of walking around different stores, Jackie was understandably exhausted. Her huge belly was straining her back, and her feet were pink and swollen. She desperately needed to rest.


Fortunately, the store attendant at Carter's Baby Store sympathized with Jackie and brought a chair. "Here's a chair for mom," she said. But when Jackie sat down, Sophie whispered, "She said the chair is for mom, I'm the mom, so give me the chair!"

Jackie was gobsmacked, but because she was so tired and irritable, she didn't mince her words when she responded back. She yelled:

"Listen, you're not pregnant, so stop pretending like you are. You have no idea what it's like to actually be pregnant."


Sophie's face dropped, and she started crying right there in the middle of the store, accusing Jackie of shaming her fertility issues. Jackie felt terrible and tried to explain that she didn't mean to be offensive and or speak in anger.

Sophie ran out of the store, and Jackie waddled behind her as the store attendants looked on. Jackie knows her words were harsh, but she doesn't feel that she was entirely wrong. What do you think about this situation?

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