March 08, 2021

Wendy Williams Says She Is Adamant about Not Getting the COVID-19 Vaccine — Here's Why

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Millions of people worldwide are lining up to get the COVID-19 vaccination, but television host Wendy Williams told Dr. Oz that she would definitely not be getting vaccinated. Read on to find out why.

The COVID-19 pandemic has affected millions of people and completely ravaged economies and livelihoods, but recent vaccine rollouts have given people hope that life will return to normal.

However, COVID-19 vaccines have also been the subject of misinformation and mistrust, even amongst the most influential celebrities. Television host Wendy Williams is one of the latest stars to express their opinion on the vaccine.


Wendy Williams at the Vulture Festival presented on May 19, 2018 in New York City. | Source: Getty Images

During a recent appearance on "The Dr. Oz Show," Williams told the celebrity physician Dr. Oz that she would not be taking the vaccine, despite his efforts to persuade her otherwise. She said:


"I don't trust it. There, I said it."

The "The Wendy Williams Show" host was adamant about her stance and admitted she didn't even take the flu vaccines suggested by the doctors on her team, citing her general reluctance to take medications.


Williams' anti-vaccine comments come shortly after she opened up about her life via her Lifetime biopic, "Wendy Williams: The Movie," which premiered in late January.

The movie showed a glimpse into the life of the mega television mogul who started her career as a radio DJ and host. Williams, who executive-produced the show, said the biopic was her opportunity to clarify misconceptions and tell her story truthfully.


The biopic shed light on Williams' rise to fame while showing fans the good, bad, and ugly moments of her life, including her troubled past, drug abuse, heartbreaking miscarriages, and abortions.

Ciera Payton, who played Williams in the movie, also showed the television personality's career struggles and how she was once suspended by her boss for her candid discussions about plastic surgery.


Williams' problems were mostly compounded by her complicated 25-year relationship with her now ex-husband, Hunter. She and the television producer share one child, Kevin Hunter Jr. 

The biopic focused on Hunter's infidelity and how it affected Williams through the years. Hunter welcomed a daughter with his mistress of several years in 2019, and shortly after, the controversial radio host finally filed for divorce.

After leaving the unhappy marriage, Williams was happier than ever, and before long, she was back on the market and looking for love. She even hosted a "Date Wendy" game on her TV show.

Recently, the star was spotted with Mike Esterman, who won the dating game in February. Williams even shared a photo with Esterman on her Instagram, further sparking romance rumors.