Patti LaBelle's Granddaughters Gia & Leyla Melt Hearts in Banana Print Swimsuits on the Beach

Dayna Remus
Mar 13, 2021
04:20 P.M.
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Grandchildren to the acclaimed singer Patti LaBelle, Gia and Leyla, are growing up to be cute little girls with a growing talent for the stage as well. 


Gia and Leyla, granddaughters to singer-songwriter Patti LaBelle, have the ability to melt anyone's hearts. They did exactly that in recent beach photos shared on Instagram with both of them sporting yellow banana print swimsuits.

Yellow seems to suit Gia and Leyla who appear to be enjoying a family beach holiday all in lemon. Standing next to each other in the bright shade, both girls smile luminously into the camera. 

Patti LaBelle lighting the Empire State Building for Gabrielle's Angel Foundation for cancer research on October 19, 2015 in New York | Photo: Getty Images



Posting on Gia's official Instagram, the little ones seem hyper-relaxed and joyful from their vacation in the sun. The caption, cutely referencing the styles of Gia and Leyla's costumes read as follows: 

"Nana Banana.. I do what I wanna do ??‍♀️ #swipe."

Both of the girls' sun-yellow costumes sported banana prints all over them, with frills on the top to go. Their tan-like skin and sleek hair contrasted with the shades of the swimsuits, highlighting the girls' beautiful dark qualities.



The background of the picture also pulls in the viewer, highlighting the summery feeling that someone experiences when they are on a holiday near the sea. The palm trees and blue ocean also simply create a beautiful backdrop.

This celebrated artist [LaBelle] has also involved herself in Broadway, the big screen, and TV.

The next three photos in the post show the girls on the beach. One pic is of the older sister kissing the younger one affectionately on the cheek, with the last one capturing LaBelle holding the two in front of a beautiful blue backdrop.




According to LaBelle, these two youngsters are obsessed with her 1975 hit "Lady Marmalade" but their love for music doesn't end at just listening to it, with both of them enjoying the stage. Speaking on this matter, the grandmother said

"We couldn’t keep Gia off the stage … She just says her name and won’t leave the stage.” 

She also expressed how Leyla turns up the microphone every time she's on stage, stating that for this reason, she doesn't trust the young one on it. Who knows, with a grandmother like that, these two could be looking at a musical future. 



These two young girls may be rising stars but LaBelle has been there, done that, and got the T-shirt, and she still isn't stopping. Near the end of last year, the legendary singer released a long-time track called "Ain't Nuthin' But a Feelin'".

The song was originally recorded in 1989 for another album called "Be Yourself." but the singer decided to only release it recently.  LaBelle made the choice to release it in her then-forthcoming album that has the same name as the song itself.


Although LaBelle has an extensive music career behind her, this hasn't stopped her from branching out into other art forms. This celebrated artist has also involved herself in Broadway, the big screen, and TV.

When it comes to Broadway, this singer took part in the 1982 gospel "Your Arm's Too Short to Box with God." She has also appeared in the 1980's movie "Beverly Hills Cop" and most recently, the "American Horror Story" series.