Daily Joke: Wife Decides to Take Her Husband to a Strip Club on His Birthday

Gracious Egedegbe
Mar 09, 2021
03:20 P.M.

A woman tried to celebrate her husband's birthday in the best way she could by taking him for a nice time at the strip club. Here's how the day turned out.


Dave's wife was up for some celebration as it was her spouse's birthday, so she took him out on a nice evening hangout at a strip club. On getting there, the doorman hollered at the celebrant calling him by his first name.

The wife was puzzled, going on to ask Dave if he was a regular at the strip club. He denied it explaining that the doorman was a member of his bowling team.

A man giving his partner a piggyback ride. | Photo: Getty Images

A man giving his partner a piggyback ride. | Photo: Getty Images

When they got into the club, a waitress casually came up to their table, addressing Dave like an old friend and asking him if he wanted his usual Budweiser. At this point, his wife was becoming uneasy, wanting to know why there was familiarity.

He again denied ever being in the strip club, adding that the waitress was a member of the Ladies Bowling League. Soon enough, one of the strippers came around, threw her hands around Dave, asking him if he wanted his usual dance table.


By now, his wife was furious and spewing her anger through obscenities. She stormed out of the strip club, ready to make her way home. By the time she reached a taxi, Dave had already caught up with her.

He hopped in, trying to convince her that the stripper must have thought he was someone she knew. At a point, the taxi driver turned, hollering at Dave before chipping in, "Looks like you picked up a real [expletive] tonight," Dave.


Dave did have it bad for knowing a lot of people. Here's another joke about Dave's chronicles of being a popular person. The interaction was between him and his boss, who was sick of him boasting about knowing a lot of people.

The boss decided to indulge him, asking Dave if he knew Tom Cruise. Dave laughed casually, telling his boss that he was familiar with the actor. The pair flew to Hollywood, and when they got to Cruise's house, the actor welcomed Dave like an old pal.

Finding it incredible, the boss asked Dave if he knew the President of the United States, and he answered in the affirmative, and they flew to Washington. The duo got there and Dave was also well-received by the President.


By now, his boss was frustrated, as he blurted out asking if Dave knew the Pope. In his casual tone, he replied that he was familiar with the Vatican. The two made it to Italy, and Dave entered the building, only for him to appear on the balcony with the Pope.

When he got out of the building, he saw that his boss was on the floor after a heart attack, surrounded by paramedics. Dave moved closer, trying to ask him what happened, and his boss replied,

"It was the final straw… you and the Pope came out onto the balcony and the man next to me said, 'Who is that on the balcony with Dave?'"

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Sources: Reddit, Startsat60.

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