March 10, 2021

Eddie Murphy's Daughter Bella Opens up on What It Was like Growing up with Her Famous Parents

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Eddie Murphy’s daughter Bella gave a recent interview where she went candid about growing up the child of famous parents. Here’s what Bella said about her experience.

Bella Murphy is the youngest child TV legend Eddie Murphy shares with his ex-wife and iconic model Nicole Murphy, and the youngster is beginning to carve a niche for herself following in her parents’ steps.

Bella gave a recent interview where she let fans in on what it was like growing up the daughter of one of the most influential comedians in Hollywood. The 19-year-old did not mince words as she stated that it was a pretty much normal household.

Eddie Murphy at the WSJ Mag 2019 Innovator Awards at the Museum of Modern Art on November 06, 2019 | Photo: Getty Images


Bella shared that there was no fussing and everyone had their designated duty. She remembered growing up in lots of laughter as her dad often threw his jokes around, being a delight around his children.

However, Eddie and Nicole had a rule which they enforced, making it possible that none of their children join the entertainment scene before the age of 18, the reason being that the couple wanted their kids to have normal childhoods. 


The young starlet relayed that she in particular was unhappy with the rule because she caught the acting bug at a young age and longed to appear in movies. Bella joked that she begged to be an extra sometimes.

For Eddie, being dad to ten kids is nothing short of multiple blessings.


However, the youngster got lucky in her 18th year when Eddie’s blockbuster classic, “Coming to America,” was preparing to return to the big screen with a sequel. Bella saw the opportunity and made sure not to miss it.

Once when she and her dad appeared on “The Ellen DeGeneres Show,” she recalled how her father made sure she auditioned for her role as a princess in “Coming 2 America.”


It is safe to say that the award-winning actor who has ten kids makes sure his kids strive to be better. For Eddie, being a dad to ten kids is nothing short of multiple blessings.

The star shared in an interview that life was in cycles and he was once at a point where his career was of high priority. The “Dolemite is My Name” star added that he was presently at a place where there were no higher blessings than having children.

Bella is one of five kids Eddie shares with Nicole. Her older siblings are Bria, Miles, Zola, and Shayne. The actor’s other kids are Christian, Max, Izzy, Angel, and Eric.