March 10, 2021

Check Out Angela Simmons Flaunting Her Enviable Assets in a Nude One-Piece Latex Swimsuit

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"Growing Up Hip-Hop" star Angela Simmons shared eye-popping photos on her Instagram where she flaunted her enviable curves in a nude one-piece swimsuit.

Reality star Angela Simmons is renowned for her body positivity campaigns, giving her the liberty to wow her fans with incredible pictures of her stunning curves and figure.

Simmons recently took to her Instagram to share a series of pictures of her rocking a nude one-piece swimsuit. The reality star's curves were enough to have her fans gushing over her.

Angela Simmons at WE tv's celebration of "Growing Up Hip-Hop" Season 3 on July 20, 2017. | Photo: Getty Images


The reality star turned beauty entrepreneur has been on an adventure of looking her best in recent days. She enjoys sharing her outstanding assets to her 6.9 million followers on Instagram.

In one of the pictures, the sun glowed on Simmons' skin as she posed close to the wall with her hands raised high enough to give her fans a glimpse of her well-decorated body poured into the one-piece latex swimsuit. 


She shared another picture of her wearing the same outfit, but this time, she tagged it "up close and personal." The 33-year-old had the camera fixed on her upper region, which gave fans a clearer view of her flawless beauty.

Simmons has a fan base that loves and adores content, so she was sure she would get their feedback from her post. Her fans rushed to the post in their numbers, pouring out their admiration.

The reality star reportedly said that she struggled to get out of her abusive relationship.


Some fans gushed over her enviable assets, while for others, it was her flawless skin. From one fan's comment, Simmons looked "bold, sassy, and beautiful."

Simmons previously told her fans that she is on a journey of rebuilding her body, mind, and soul, and her fans have followed her closely. The stunning reality star said she has owned up to her flaws and body.

Flaunting her natural assets is one way Simmons lets the world know she feels no shame or timidity about who she is. Her fans have described her new look as fearless but sweet and stunning.


Fans were stunned to see a picture of the 33-year-old reality star posing in white lingerie, flaunting her adorable body as she celebrated her good hair day. Her fans gushed over her lovely hairdo, which they said was a perfect match for her skin.

Simmons recently showed her millions of fans that her workout routine included elements of boxing. The reality star reportedly shared a clip of her shadow boxing at the beach and her boxing skills looked impressive.


Aside from her stunning looks, Simmons is never shy about the difficulties she has faced, such as domestic abuse. The reality star reportedly said that she struggled to get out of her abusive relationship.

Simmons said she felt alone during her years of verbal and emotional abuse. She felt used and wondered if anyone would want her after what she had been through. The 33-year-old has put all the darkness behind her and is back to looking her best.