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Daily Joke: Man Notices a Golden Phone That Can Call God for $10,000

Gracious Egedegbe
Mar 20, 2021
11:20 A.M.
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A man set out on an adventure to different churches across countries and continents, and he found a golden phone that could call God. The golden call cost $10,000.


A man had the knack to write a book about the churches globally, so he set out, starting with the United States, where he visited an Orlando church. During his first exploration, the man came across a golden telephone.

The sign above the unique telephone indicated that one could call God for $10,000. Unable to comprehend what that meant, he asked a priest who confirmed that he could directly contact God for the price mentioned.

A photo of a man holding a phone. | Photo: Pexels


This was quite intriguing, but he left that church for another. When he got to the cathedral in Atlanta, he saw another golden phone, the replica of the first. He asked a nun standing nearby, and she noted that it was for a direct call to God.

The golden phone in Atlanta also cost $10,000 per call. The explorer went on his way, traveling through different places like New Zealand, Japan, Europe, and America. Through each church, he saw a golden phone for a call to God at $10,000.


He decided to go to Australia, trying to fill his curiosity to see if there was such a telephone there. When he got to a church in Perth, he found the same golden telephone, only this time, it indicated a call to God for $40.

He was pretty amazed and calling the attention of a priest he noted that he went to churches all over and found a golden telephone, each indicating a $10,0000 call to God. He wanted to know why it was quite cheap in Australia. The priest replied:

"You're in Australia now, son. This is heaven so it's a local call."


Here's a second rib teaser about some pupils asked to tell a story with a moral. After they went home to get stories from their parents, they returned to school ready to give moral lessons.

The first pupil, Joe, made it known that his father was a farmer who got a significant turn out of eggs and put them all in a basket ready to take to the market.

On his way, there was a minor accident, but all the eggs cracked. Joe noted that the moral was not to put all eggs in one basket.


The teacher was impressed, applauding Joe before moving to the next pupil, Anne. She also shared that her dad was a farmer and they had 20 eggs on their farm.

However, when it was time to hatch the eggs, they only got ten chicks. To this effect, Anne relayed that it was not good to count all of one's eggs before they hatched.


The third pupil was Dave, who talked about his Aunt Karen, a flight engineer. He narrated that she was once caught up in the war, wielding a machine gun, a machete, and a bottle of whiskey.

Aunt Karen quickly downed the whole bottle of whiskey and landed in the enemy's camp of 100 soldiers. She gunned down 70 of the soldiers, killed twenty more with her machete, and conquered the last ten with her bare hands.

The teacher, who was puzzled by now, asked Dave what the moral was, and he replied: "Stay away from Aunt Karen when she's been drinking..."

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