March 16, 2021

Former 'Suits' Director Derek Ursacki Praises Meghan Markle & Slams the Media for Being Cruel

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Former "Suits" director Derek Ursacki, who worked with the Duchess of Sussex, Meghan Markle, took to his Instagram page to defend her, lambasting ruthless media for portraying her in a negative light. 

A lot has been said in the aftermath of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's tell-all interview with Oprah Winfrey. Ripples from the interview are yet to settle down, with more comments coming in daily. 

Former "Suits" director Derek Ursacki, who worked with Meghan on the series, has added his voice to the public debate that followed the Duke and Duchess of Sussex's interview with Winfrey. 

Duchess Meghan and Prince Harry depart after attending the Commonwealth Day Service at Westminster Abbey on March 09, 2020. | Photo: Getty Images


Ursacki recently took to his Instagram page to share behind-the-scenes pictures from the "Suits" set, with some of them showing him and Meghan, while others showed her alone. 

In the post's caption, the director and photographer noted that he usually does not say much or post about people he has worked with but felt compelled to do so in support of Meghan. He wrote: 

"I spent 5 years working with Meghan on Suits as an assistant director dealing mostly with cast. She was always a pleasure to work with…"


He noted that even after the show's fame and her popularity skyrocketed, Meghan remained full of life, generous, supportive, and funny. Ursacki said he felt heartbroken watching her and Harry's interview.

Meghan faced more media scrutiny after a Times story emerged accusing her of bullying Buckingham Palace staff.


He continued that hearing her speak of how she wanted to stop living after things got so bad for her at the royal family. The director said the media has been very ruthless towards Meghan.

With so many negative stories attacking her personality without really knowing what she was going through. He said people should desist from making negative comments about others until they work in their shoes.

The director also added that no one should have to live under constant attack and fear for their safety. Ursacki also wrote: "In my heart of hearts, I know Meg has not changed and is still the sweet person I worked with for those 5 years." 



He concluded his post by thanking the duchess for the many great memories he was fortunate and blessed to have had with her during their days of working together. 

With his post, Ursacki joined the many celebrities that have reacted to Meghan and Harry's bombshell revelations in their interview with Winfrey. 

Days before the interview aired, Meghan faced more media scrutiny after a Times story emerged accusing her of bullying Buckingham Palace staff. 


However, a spokesperson for Harry and Meghan denied the allegations, saying it saddened the latter, as she had been a target of bullying herself and remained deeply committed to supporting people who have experienced pain and trauma. 

The spokesperson further said Meghan was determined to keep up with her work of building compassion worldwide, adding that she would continue striving to set an example for doing what is right and good.